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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Still feeling Thankful...

Above is Gretchen, appropriately surrounded by kids. This picture is at the homeschool PE bowling party. The kids had a blast! Gretchen has been teaching the girls PE since last spring. She has been their SS teacher since starting 1st grade, and has been involved in many aspects of the children's program at our church for a long time. Gretchen has a dynamic personality and truly loves God. Her faith and joy are evident on her face. Gretchen and her husband will be moving soon, so that he can go to seminary. While we are excited for them, we are SO sad to see them go. I know that Gretchen will continue to pray for us, and to make encouraging blog comments. I am so blessed to have had her influence on my girls for these last few years. All little girls should have a SS teacher like Gret just once in their lives!

Above is Pastor Scott and Susan McCurdy. I just love the McCurdy 's. God brought them to our church a few years ago, and I am very thankful for them. They have been great friends to both Brad and I. They have been willing to help us in any way that they possible could. Both of them have walked beside us through some tough walks, and God has used them to teach me a great deal. The McCurdy's love God, and they obviously love their church people. I appreciate Pastor Scott's willingness to answer all my questions, and encourage me when I share my struggles, as well as the neat things that God is showing me. I am so excited to have the Lord growing me, and I know that God has used this couple as instruments of that. I have met with them nearly every week since the first part of September, a meeting I now look forward to because it is such a source of encouragement. Pastor Scott is always a phone call away if I need someone to "go to bat" for me. I believe that God is honored by this kind of committed leadership in a church.

Above is Joe Walder. Joe is the head deacon in our church, and an all around great guy! Joe and his wife Trish have been involved in teaching our Berean Sunday School class for the last several years. Over the past few months, Joe has been a regular encourager and exhorter for both Brad and I. He is the most enouraging person I think that I have ever met! Joe is always very positive . His fresh, positive perspective of ever very bleak circumstances is a huge blessing to me. I am very thankful to God for giving Brad and I this kind man to walk with us through our trials.

This is my friend Megan. I can almost certainly count on an encouraging card or phone call from her, just when I need it most. Megan is caring and loving. She has a great love for God, and for others. Megan is also an amazing cook! I have been able to spend some hours in her kitchen making applesauce over the past few years, and this has been such fun. Megan is quick to share an encouraging quote or book that she has found helpful. I know I can count on Megan to be praying for me, and I appreciate how God has used her in my life.
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Gretchen said...

Oh, my word I am crying!!! You are too sweet! I just was jumping on your blog to ask you if I could use a picture of your girls in my post, and I am guessing you don't mind. :)

I am loving your thankful posts! Such a great idea! I should do this.