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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Moving on in Thankfulness...some of my buds!

Remember, readers, that there is no special order. I have many people to be thankful for, and my goal is to show my thankfulness to God for the key people he has placed for me. There are SO many, that I may not be able to properly show them all, but the real praise is that God is using people to make a difference in my life.

Above is me and my dear friend Charity. This picture was taken in SC this past summer. Charity has been an incredible friend to me, and I appreciate her more than I can express. I love her like a sister. God has gifted her in the area of counseling. She tries to always redirect me to what God thinks. Her counsel always makes me look to the Lord. She does manage to speak the truth in love, and in sincere humility. Meaning she isn't afraid to admit she doesn' always have it all down pat! I love you Char, and I still want you to come and stay a month with me, we would have a blast!

Above is me and my friend Amanda, taken at a Mexican restaurant. We were celebrating Steph's, Amanda's and my birthdays with a dinner out, which is a yearly tradition. It was extra special because Charity was home to join us. Amanda and I have been good friends for years. We were in each other's weddings, and our families have vacationed together. We have been playing cards together for a number of years, also. Oh, Amanda, I hope and pray that I will be your partner when you bid 85 over Brad and Chad just to get the bid again someday soon! I am SO glad that our relationship has deepened into something more spiritual. I only wish that we had done that 15 years ago. Thanks for the book, it is a keeper. I love you, Livi's dear mama, and I pray for you daily.

Above is my cousin Steph with Charity at the same time as the picture of me and Amanda. Would you believe that I don't have much for pics of me and Steph together? I could have chosen the one I have scanned from out first EVER Christmas, or from our Senior formal, but it didn't seem appropriate. You and Charity together does seem right, though. Stephanie has been my local rock, and I am sure that I wear her out! She has been my longest ever friend. (We hung out together when we were both still in the womb!) I love the near daily God talk I get from Steph. I also am thankful that she still feels like she can talk to me about her struggles. It is very helpful to me to feel that someone thinks I am normal enough to be a listening ear! I know that you pray for me and hurt for me. God has given me SUCH special people who are willing to travel this road with me, even if it costs them personal pain. I am so thankful for you.

This is me and Mandy. Mandy is one of my newest friends. We have known each other for years, but I feel like I have only recently gotten to know her. Mandy is Amanda's sister in law. She is very athletic, and has been working out with me on a regular basis. Exercise has been used in my life as a huge stress reliever. I remember feeling exhilerated and thanking God when I first finished a 2nd mile without anyone there to push me. Mandy has been a great listener, and has also shared with me. It has been fun to get to know her. Mandy also works with my girls on Wednesday nights at church. She has been great to the girls, and very supportive to us all. She might not realize it, but God is using her in a big way of support for me right now. I pray for Mandy and Amanda and the whole Edgington family to have a great Christmas together (they have a big family), and to have their own Christmas miracle!
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Woo! Mandy and you looking like hotties there! :)