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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Summer program pics...and we are SO glad Miss Gretchen is here!




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some of my favorites!




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Some recent pictures

I know that I have been away from blogging for awhile lately. Honestly, I have had so much trouble loading pictures lately, that it hasn't seemed worth it! But that isn't because there hasn't been tons going on! The girls have been busy with swimming, church day camp, church summer program, softball, playing with get the picture. I, of course, have also been busy with church, work, friends and the girls. Not to mention a LITTLE time spent doing house work! We are getting a room ready for my friend Betsy to stay with us for awhile...painting red over bright striped walls sure takes alot of coats! If you see my dog Ella, she still has a splotch of red paint on her back! Here are a few pictures, and I will add a link to an album of some recent pictures. We have had such a surprisingly fun summer...I feel pretty blessed.

click here for recent swim meet pictures

click here for pictures of the mother daughter limo night out

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Check out the article

Here is a link to the Commercial News article that featured Paige, Peyton, Lauren and Brooke this past Sunday.

Its out of the garage!

For all who were concerned, the raccoon is gone! My friend Carlos came and got the silly thing out with a broom in about 2 minutes! The 4 girls were trying to watch from the window, and they were very worried that he would get bitten. Carlos was responsible for helping me choose the new computer, so here he is "checking it out"

all nighter....

As you can see, the girls were enjoying MY new computer, and then they all slept in MY bedroom! I haven't gone to bed yet, but I am thinking it is either Paige's bed or the couch!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Back online!!!

I am now the proud owner of a laptop computer! I am very excited with my new purchase. The old computer should be in well enough working order by the end of the week, that the girls will have a great place to play games. They are getting into "webkinz" right now, and will be glad not to fight me for computer time. The best part is the wireless internet access. I am writing this while sitting on the couch. Now, what I should be doing is trying to figure out a way to get the racoon out of my garage! I will try to get close enough for a picture of my new housemate. Maybe he heard we were painting the spare room red, and he wanted to move in!