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Monday, January 30, 2006

more cute kids....

Warning, a few pictures of the adults included....
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Amanda, Olivia, Paige, Sandy,Peyton


kids of those "goldies"

Josiah (Charity's youngest): Paige(mine), Olivia (Amanda's) Peyton (mine)

If you don't like pictures of yourselves, maybe pictures of your kids. Afterall, they are still all thin and cute! Here are a few from my collection. You all had better leave some comments, or I
will go back to contraversial pictures! click on pictures to enlarge More, coming soon!

Isaiah & Elijah (Steph's): Sam, with Josiah in the background(Charity's)

Friday, January 27, 2006

Silver and Gold...

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This post is a response to a post my friend Charity left on her husband's blog. ( see Harmless Thoughts link to the right.) Here are a few pictures of Charity and myself, along with longtime friends Stephanie and Amanda. We have been a friends since high school, with several of the relationships dating back to early childhood! One of the few comforts of getting older is knowing that no matter where I am in life, and what new friends I may have, I still have my long-time "gold" friends!

Saturday, January 21, 2006


Last night I got back into scrapbooking after a long hiatus. I really enjoy scrapping, but doing so always reminds me of how far behind I am! I would like to post a few of the pics I am currently scrapping, but I didn't go digital until '03 and unfortunately, I am only up to Sept '01 in my scrapping. I keep 2 books, one for each of my girls. The pics I am currently working with have them at about 18 months. It is kinda fun to go back to those days. I don't look at those pictures often, and it is amazing to see how much we all have changed. I may take a spread out of each book and post copies of magazine articles and covers from those days that deal with the events of Sept 11, 2001. While our family was not immediately impacted, I can still recall watching all the coverage and how it affected our country. I think that it is important to put it in their books, because it is one of the most historically significant events that will happen (hopefully the most devestating) during my children's lifetimes.

Well, again, when I get a scanner, I will post some older cute kid pics. Sandy

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Today I am babysitting. I don't mind doing that occasionally for especially special kiddos! My friend Steph took her 3 yr old to the dentist and I got to keep Isaiah, who is 9 months old, what a cutie. I was especially blessed to have my almost 6 yr old Paige help. She plays great with babies, until diaper time! Here are some pics of the day. This is the view from Baltic Drive today.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Happy Birthday Lauren!

Ok, actually, her birthday was a few days ago, but the party is today, so it makes sense to say so. Lauren is my niece. She is now eight years old. I have about a year or so to go before she starts to tower over me (I am not exactly kidding.) I can clearly remember her birth, scary how fast eight years can fly by. Hopefully soon I will get a scanner, so I can include older pics, like one of her as a baby, but I will throw ina few of her in the past year. Sandy
Brookelyn, Paige, Lauren, Peyton (see Homeward Bound Link for original pose)

Lauren off the diving board while Pey ton contemplates

See How Tall?? At the zoo last summer

Friday, January 06, 2006

I miss summer!

January. The month when the grass is brown, nothing is growing, and it is cold, at least in Illinois. The holidays are over, and summer seems like a long way off. My girls have asked, "how long til summer, mom?" The answer is more than depressing. I know some people like winter, snow, ice and all. However, we are summer people. Hot sun, swimming, boating, grilling out, not to mention that it is still light out past 4 pm!

Last fall, I began redecorating my bedroom. For cheap and enjoyable decorations, I enlarged and framed black and white versions of some of my favorite photos. The criteria was that they must be summer and taken outside. They definitely cheer me up on dreary days. They are also a simple reminder of God's blessing on my life. This is the View from Baltic Drive today, if only
in my bedroom!Sandy

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beach girls

Brad & girls in Florida



Brad & Chad

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Must I take down these lights?

I promised myself that I would get all the Christmas decorations down this week and safely stored away until next year. I think I will be fine once I get started, but I just can't seem to start. It isn't that I am hesitant to let go of the season, I am just lazy! We had a wonderful Christmas. The kids are now old enough to really enjoy Christmas, and also to understand its true meaning. As happy as they are to celebrate the birth of Jesus (I witnessed a few reinactments, complete with a blanket over a head to play Mary,) they were also thrilled with their gifts. This makes the first few weeks in January great at home, because their are no excuses for boredom. Hopefully by the weekend, the View from Baltic Drive won't include any Christmas lights!

Paige, Sandy, Peyton Brad

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The First Day

Paige, Scottie & Peyton -April 2005

I have been reading the blog of a friend lately, and it has been nice to keep up on their lives, even though they live far away. I chose today to put our family back on the web, because it was a very significant day for us. Today marked the end of an era. In the Spring of 1997, we brought home a tiny little fur ball to our house. Our yellow lab, Scottie, brough much happiness, as well as frustration, over the past 9 years. It is with great sadness that we mark today as the day we lost our Scottie.

Scottie was Brad's dog from the start. He was obedient to Brad and waited each day for him to return home. Most likely, he was dreaming of a bowl of food, a pat on the head, and possibly a stick thrown into the pond. Scottie was also very good with our girls. While he didn't have the usual "lab" personality that never knew a stranger, he was gentle and loving with the girls always. They could pull his tail, decorate him with sidewalk chalk or even climb on his back without him complaining.

Today, we reminisced about his younger days, full of energy. The last few years, he has been slower moving and much calmer. As hard as it is to say goodbye, we are so glad for the past nine years we had with him. This is the View from Baltic Drive today. Sandy