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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Must I take down these lights?

I promised myself that I would get all the Christmas decorations down this week and safely stored away until next year. I think I will be fine once I get started, but I just can't seem to start. It isn't that I am hesitant to let go of the season, I am just lazy! We had a wonderful Christmas. The kids are now old enough to really enjoy Christmas, and also to understand its true meaning. As happy as they are to celebrate the birth of Jesus (I witnessed a few reinactments, complete with a blanket over a head to play Mary,) they were also thrilled with their gifts. This makes the first few weeks in January great at home, because their are no excuses for boredom. Hopefully by the weekend, the View from Baltic Drive won't include any Christmas lights!

Paige, Sandy, Peyton Brad


Charity said...

We should make a pact together! I need to get my decorations down this week also!
So sorry to hear about Scottie! I'm curious to know what happened? I hope the girls AND Brad aren't too brokenhearted.

(By the way, I left you a response to your comment on Matt's blog!)


Anonymous said...

What did happen to Scottie?