Philippians 1:6 "Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you WILL perform it until the day of Jesus Christ"

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Christmas 2016

Merry Christmas!
The Snyder Family
Paige and Peyton 
2016 was an eventful year. Paige and Peyton turned 16...and that means they drive. Crazy! After the initial fear of having them drive wore off, we realized how very convenient is is to have two more drivers in the house. We are still looking into second jobs to pay for the car insurance increase! 

James was on day shift all this year in a year long detective position. He enjoyed it way more than he thought he would. It is coming to and end and he is moving on to new things! James is still active in the volunteer fire service. James and Paige have been involved in Bismarck Fire for quite awhile now. I joined them this year by completing a Pre Hospital RN (PHRN) course, enabling me to volunteer for the ambulance service. I still have tons to learn, and am enjoying (still terrified) at the prospect. James is also active with Kickapoo fire Department and recently took a Captain position in the department. 

I am in the third year of a four year program to complete my master's degree. Looking forward to starting clinicals this summer. Looking forward to several weeks without classes even more! Paige started taking an art class every morning at Bismarck high school and loves it! Both girls took advantage of dual enrollment and took
a class at DACC this past fall. Reese started first grade at First Baptist School (my Alma Mater) and is as social as ever! She is playing Upward basketball this winter and has been taking dance classes. Reese loves going to the fire department most Thursday nights and playing with friends everywhere she goes. 

James and his friend and supervisor Josh
Most recent news...James got promoted to Sergeant at the Danville Police Department. He will more than likely be going to third shift, so that will be a change as he has never consistently worked that shift. In October, we attended the PBPA Conference where James received the 2016 Officer of the Year for Illinois. James also received a life saver award at work and the fire department (related to the same, miraculous event). These awards, accommodations, and promotion ceremonies have got to stop or James will start thinking he can get out of doing laundry!
James's swearing-in as Sergeant ceremony

The girls spent a few weeks in Florida with my parents last spring, and then returned and were kind enough to take me with them (along with a friend for each of us). My parents' condo was beautiful and we had a fantastic girls trip. James and I took a quick trip to Wisconsin and also to Galena. James, Reese and I spent a week around James's birthday in Texas visiting James's dad and his wife in October. We had a fantastic visit and bought a new truck! (happy birthday to James!) 

We lost Ella, our Shih Tzu, the last week in October. She was thirteen, she could not see, her hair was falling out and she was losing weight. As the weather turned colder it was harder and harder for her to go outside. It was a difficult decision, as Ella had been a huge part of our lives for the last 10 years. I will say, that Jackson, the 13 year old lab, has never gotten as much attention as he is right now!

Brittany and I in Zion
We started the year with the unbelievable news that our dear friend, my sister-in-love, and Paige and Peyton's aunt has colon cancer. We have had the opportunity to be part of her support team, as a family. Being able to walk along side my longtime friend, Brittany as she travels this road, as well as Paul, Nathan, Lauren and Brooke. I have had an opportunity to spend time with, and be encouraged by her as we have traveled together for her treatments in Zion. Please be in prayer for Brittany and the Powell family!

As I have been looking back through pictures and memories this year I have felt overwhelmed with the blessing in my life. Day to day, life is hard and sometimes overwhelming with how difficult it can be emotionally and physically. Late night talks with the teenagers, coffee dates, listening to my husband pray with our daughter before bed every night, last minute lunch with my parents, a multitude of hotel rooms with Brittany, days by the pool, chats with friends, chats with coworkers, car rides after school with Reese, getaways with James, a car trip to St. Louis with my parents....I don't want to take any of it for granted. I am excited for 2017 and whatever God has planned for me! ~Sandy