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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Grandma (Tick Tock) Reese

The past few years, there have been emails about this time of year with family memories passed around. I know it is alot of reading, but the following is a thread that was headed around that centered on the anniversary of the death of my grandmother, who I was too young to remember. However, my parents talk enough about her, that I feel that I knew her, and am more than a little jealous that I dont have any of their first hand memories.

November 21, Mom wrote:

Well, today is a day in history that will always be implanted in my mind and yours. My dear mother-in-law, June Wilcox Reese, passed away 32 years ago. In some ways, it seems like yesterday; while in most ways, it seems forever since we sat down at the kitchen and talked. I am sure that she was saved and is enjoying heaven at the feet of Jesus; what a comfort for all of us. Just wanted you to know that we remembered and our love for her is just as strong as then. Mike and Fran

and the replies came in from the family..Katy starts it..

Hey all... I was glad to get Frani's email about mother. I never even think of this day... not ever.. except when Kelly reminds me. It was such a gloomy time in my life that I choose to just not think about it I guess. I miss my mother very much. I miss the was she use to dance in the living room when she dusted, usually to the Honky Tonk records. I remember the red finger nail polish that she wore so often and the cracked thumb nail. (That was so cool) I remember the little white coffee cups with the black stripes around them. I remember when Johhny use to leave for school and I was still to young to go and how I'd go climb in bed with my mother and cuddle up with her in the early mornings. I remember vividly waking up in my room as a young teenager on Saturday mornings to the sound of the washer and dryer running and the smell of bacon. She was a special lady and I am thankful that I was reminded today to remember her. I have such fond memories of her and I cherish those in my heart. I certainly hope that we can all get together at Christmas. And I'll be sending out a Christmas letter about it very soon. Love you all, Katy

and Kelly wrote....

Ah Yes....November 21st, 1976. Every year it comes around and every year I relive that day and the days that followed in my mind. I am pretty big on death dates and such...

I can't say I really miss mom like Katy says. I don't really remember her much. But I do have strong feelings about her. That she was a good mom. Not perfect by any means so I don't have any illusions about that...just a good loving mom. I remember her smoking. Lots of coffee and her drinking Pepsi. Her running around before dad was due home from work, putting on her red lip stick and patting the shine off her nose. Letting me lick the bowl when she had made a chocolate cake. Her getting out her Singer sewing machine to make my Barbie an Indian outfit...beads and all.. Her ironing in the middle of the kitchen with her ironing board and using some kind of iron sticky stuff to fix a hem. Taping up my arm and putting it in a sling and telling me to go out and play after I had cut my wrist open by running it thru the back door window. Wanna see the scar? All the great birthday party's she had for me! Just the feeling that she could always make everything right. Know what I mean?


I have to say that reading these posts has me full of mixed emotions. Of course I always love a "Reese" story. But to talk about Grandma leaves me with a big hole. We all have our ways of feeling robbed by her death...for me it is because I just know I would've loved her. I know I would have LIKED her. I think I would've laughed often and definitely picked her brain on topic after topic. Especially now that I am a mother.
I would ask her how she stayed sane! :)
Who knows why the Lord takes people home when He does...I know that He is sovereign and His plan is perfect but I know that my world is definitely a different place by not having her in it.
Thanks for the reminder Aunt Fran. Thanks for the memories Aunt Katie and Aunt Kelly. See you all at Christmas!


I am reading this a day late, but I guess that is ok. Thank you all for the descriptors of Grandma. It is kind of like reading a book, and I am pretty good at reading, and seeing the characters in my mind, so it was nice. Like Stephanie, I am very sorry I didnʼt know her better. I am equally sorry that my girls didnʼt know her.

mom again..

It is a good thing to walk down that lane once in awhile. I always remember dates; sometimes that is a curse. But, nevertheless, we can remember her as a wonderful human being who loved life and family. When I met her, I never wanted to leave. From the very beginning it was that way and I am so thankful and privileged to care for her in her last days. God is good. F.


So, I remember Grandma Tic Toc sitting in the bathroom with Kelly and me while we played in the bathtub until the water went cold. I remember going with mom and her to Dr.s appointments and getting to drive by the boat house in Catlin on the way home. I'm not sure if it was because I liked to or she liked to. I remember her letting me play in the bottom drawer in the kitchen.I remember riding in the yellow van with everyone, but I don't know where we were going. Then I distinctly remember her standing from the couch and falling. I know this isn't a happy memory, but it is my most vivid. I also remember her letting me play on the bed in the dining room once it got to that point. Sorry, I know that's depressing, but that's what's in my head from 1976.

Monday, November 24, 2008





The kids were to "curtsy" after their piano pieces were playing today. Grammy accompanied both girls on a few pieces, so she got to perform their curtsy with them. Somehow, the small nearby Christmas tree got knocked over during their first attempt. It was definitely the biggest laugh of the program. Their second try went much smoother!
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piano recital




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Friday, November 21, 2008

6 principles..

In my ladies Bible Study on Wednesday night, we have been going through the book "The Power of a Positive Mom." The author, Karol Ladd, quotes Dr. James Dobson from his newsletter in March 1999 with the following list of key principles that we should instill in our children. This was extremely convicting to me, and I decided to share them here. I copied these directly from the online newletter. A link to the entire newsletter is here.
"But what does God value? We cannot substitute His system for ours unless we know what He has personally ordained. Fortunately, the Bible provides the key to His value system for humankind. It seems to be composed of six all-important principles:

devotion to God;

love for others;

respect for authority;

obedience to divine commandments;

self-discipline and self-control;

humbleness of spirit.

These six concepts are from the hand of the Creator, and they are absolutely valid and relevant for today. When applied to life, they encourage a child to SEEK out opportunities, rather than HIDE in lonely isolation. They lead not to despair, as do human values, but to emotional and physical health. Isn’t this what Isaiah meant when he wrote, "All thy children shall be taught of the Lord; and great shall be the peace of thy children" (Isaiah 54:13 KJV)?

The healthy self-concept Christ taught, then, involves neither haughtiness nor self-loathing. It is one of humble reverence for God and every member of the human family. We are to see our fellow human beings as neither better nor worse than ourselves. Rather, we are to love them as ourselves, and that prescription puts the entire matter of self-worth into its proper perspective."

Monday, November 03, 2008

While in Springfield, we went to visit a friend of Grandma Joyce and Aunt Cheryl's. Her name is Marilyn and she has lots of beautiful horses and a donkey, born on 9/11/01 names Freedom. The girls had a great time.

my first new car..headed to Springfield




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I got my first new car last Friday. James and I bought a Ford Taurus X. It is a crossover SUV that is much more reliable and better gas milege than my old Expedition. We picked up the girls this morning and headed to Springfield to visit Grandma Joyce, and to help her prepare her house for winter..(they prepared, I socialized.)

Saturday, November 01, 2008