Philippians 1:6 "Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you WILL perform it until the day of Jesus Christ"

Thursday, May 28, 2009

“You and Me Go Fishing in the Dark” (or at least an overcast afternoon!)

James decided to take the girls fishing today since I had a meeting at work.  I figured that they wouldn’t be gone very  long since I have a pretty good idea of the James’s the girls’ attention spans!  Anyway, they were out there for quite awhile, so me and my camera went out and caught up with them.  Thankfully I arrived before any fish were caught, and also thankfully, nobody got stuck with a hook (especially not me!)

may 2009 035

may 2009 037


may 2009 036

Paige caught the first fish..she was ecstatic!

may 2009 038

Peyton’s first fish..

may 2009 044

second fish…

may 2009 047

and finally the one that didn’t flop off the line!

planting flowers

James has been off work since Sunday morning due to his “Kelly day” which gives him every 14th shift day off.   So he is home for 5 straight days, and we spent lots of time outside.  Sunday, after grilling out at moms, we went to buy flowers for planting. 

may 2009 007

Friday, May 15, 2009

First pictures of baby J.J. (NOT an official name!)




James and I headed to my OB-gyn visit this morning.  We had been anxiously awaiting our first ultrasound.  Our baby (who is nameless, and no, we don’t know what we are having yet) has been nicknamed “JJ” by our children, which works out fine.  JJ was very active for his/her first pictures.  The heart rate was 158 and lots of moving around was noticed.  No wonder I am so queasy all the time!  It is going to be crazy when I can start to feel that! 

Please pray for us, all looks wonderful now, but on Monday, I go for a “cervical cerclage” which should decrease my likelihood of premature delivery.  For anyone who has known me more than 9 years, you know that this was a BIG problem with my girls.  Anyway, I will have spinal anesthesia and the cerclage will be placed Monday afternoon.  I will have ultrasounds of the cervix every 4 weeks to make sure those stitches are doing what they are supposed to do!  I will also start weekly progesterone injections at my next visit.  James is looking forward to giving me those shots once a week, I think that is a bit wicked of him!  He is easy to forgive, though, because he does all the cooking, most of the cleaning, and caters with no little complaining to my food cravings!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Helen Harness Connor Guyer 1917-2009

Words heard as we were going to bed last night:

Dear Jesus, help this night to be well, and that Gee Gee is in your arms…”

Mommy, I think Gee Gee is talking to Abraham Lincoln!”

april 09 158

Peyton, Gee Gee, Paige (Good Friday, 2009)

Yesterday, my grandmother went home to be with the Lord.  She was 91 years old.  Thirteen days ago, I went to my parents house to get the girls.  Gee Gee was a little agitated that day, not wanting to sit, and she needed to be watched more carefully that she wouldn’t fall.  So the girls and I ended up staying there all day through Gee Gee’s bedtime.  I helped her to bed along with my mom and sister that night, and that was the last time I ever saw her out of that bed.  Two days later, mom called me and said Grandma wasnt well and they couldn’t get her up.  The girls and I were headed for Chicago that day, so we went there early and spent time with Grandma, but she didn’t really wake up.  I heard her talk once more the next day over the phone, but she was never really very alert after that.  I spent as much time as possible last week at her house.  We watched as she grew weaker.  It wasn’t her wishes to be put in a hospital anymore, so we continued to take care of her at home.  The bulk of this job going to my mother and my sister.  Paige and Peyton were wonderful, they came and went.  They did understand what was happening, and had times when they would cry.  Yesterday, mom called me at work and told me that she was much worse.  I left work and arrived at her house with about 30 minutes to say my goodbyes and to help the girls as they said theirs. 

Grandma was saved, she had Jesus in her heart, so there isn’t any doubt where she is.  We also know that she has said goodbye to many people that she loved over the past 50 years, and that she was very happy to see these people again.  And with a new body that was no longer frail! 

More later, off the church for the Mother’s Day services.