Philippians 1:6 "Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you WILL perform it until the day of Jesus Christ"

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tuesday night.

I had a great date night with my husband. I accidentally forgot my phone at home, and as soon as I got over the panic of not having one of my main addictions, we had a great time. We saw an early showing of "Fireproof." and I was pleasantly surprised. It is amazing that I have become so desensitized to the completely humanistic views that Hollywood portrays, even in very good films. These things were all missing in this movie, even though I looked for them. The first few minutes were filled with unrealisted dialogue that sounded cheesy. However, after awhile, either I got used to it, or the acting/dialogue improved. The movie turned out to be excellent. The movie has given me some very real emotional moments, however. No, mom, it doesn't have anything to do with James' chosen profession, he's a great person no matter what his job! It came from the level of importance God places on marriage. Most of you know that I am married for the second time. This doesn't mean that I take marriage lightly, quite the contrary. James and I had a very open discussion about what we thought about the movie, and "The Love Dare," that the movie "presribed" for the sick marriage.

I digress..however...I never ever ever wanted to be divorced. I believe in the sanctity of marriage, and I believe that marriage is a covenant. The couple in the movie were given a wonderful opportunity to have their marriage changed, and their lives changed, for the better and for God's glory. I told James that I thought that the movie had a great message, but that I felt that I did everything I could, but my marriage still ended. I have waited a few days to finish this post, because I wasn't sure how much I wanted to share about my feelings on this subject, but it was truly hard to watch the two people, seperately but in response to each other and to God, put down their offense toward each other, and end up with their "happily ever after." This Hollywood ending didn't happen in my life. Some my say that I have my "happily ever after" because I am remarried now to a man that shows me how much he loves me every day, and with whom I am completely in love. But just as a newborn, as much as you love them, can't take the place of a lost child, a happy marriage can't take away the pain of one that was lost.

Anyway, I loved the movie. James went to Walmart yesterday morning while the girls and I were doing school. I saw "The Love Dare" in one of the sacks and commented on him buying it. He said, I bought three. He has a few men in his life that he felt could benefit from it, and he bought them a copy. I was so blessed and touched by this. My husband has only had this role for the past 3 months, and he had no real role model for the kind of husband God wants men to be. However, he somehow manages to EVERYDAY, be exactly what I need in my life.

Friday, September 26, 2008



click here to go the website and see the trailer for the movie. James and I are planning to see this movie next week. I am looking forward to seeing this, because, well..lets see...

The star is one of my middle school crushes, Kirk Cameron. Brittany had a great poster of him in her room. We never knew he would grow up to be a good Christian man back in his "Growing Pains" days.

Second, I think that movies with a positive spin on how hard work marriage is are a good thing. From everything I have read, this is a terrific movie about marriage Gods way..even after it has totally been messed up by us.

Third..I do kinda have a thing for firemen!

Actually, I am a sucker for really well done movies. I like action, thrillers, drama, comedy, romance, but I really like well done, well acted, well written movies. My only concern is that this movie could lack some of those qualities that constitute a "really good movie" for me. I will be coming back after I watch it to leave a "review." I remember when I watched "Facing the Giants." It had a great message, but the acting was a bit..hokie?? for lack of a better word.. so we will see, but I bet I like it..if only for the reason above!
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waa, I miss summer!

..oh well, at least it isn't cold yet! I think fall is very pretty, and I do love the colors, but I just love the summer! Motorcycle rides, days at the pool, shorts and tee shirts, and the smell of sunscreen.. Best of all, are tan lines of adorable children.. here is one of my favorite pics that showed where we hung out this summer, and a few of those adorable children!
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Granddad Steve came by today, I was doing him a little favor, and then he took the girls to lunch and out to run errands. School got started a bit late, but that is fine, there is always time for grandparents!
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kids and dogs continued. You would never know that Jackson hadn't lived with kids his whole life. He tolerated the girls laying all over him. Now if only Ella would always tolerate Jackson...
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fun with Paige, Peyton, Ella and Jackson





our dogs and kids, thankfully, have a terrific relationship. The girls often have the responsibility of feeding, watering and letting the dogs outside. They also love to play with them and show them lots of love. Jackson has just lived with us for three months, but I already can't imagine not having him with us (of course, I could do without all the fur that he sheds!)
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Thursday, September 18, 2008

End of the summer series..part 1


This is one of my favorite pictures of the summer. These four girls have such a good time together, and just love spending time with one another. Brittany got this shot at the end of the summer "County Fair" at the FARM.
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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

my mom...and a motorcycle??





James bought the girls a pink motorcycle helmet yesterday, so today they each got a ride. I routinely give my mom a ride home from church on Wednesday nights, so tonight, she decided to hitch a ride on James's motorcycle.
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