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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

my mom...and a motorcycle??





James bought the girls a pink motorcycle helmet yesterday, so today they each got a ride. I routinely give my mom a ride home from church on Wednesday nights, so tonight, she decided to hitch a ride on James's motorcycle.
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Jamie said...

Holy Crap! What's she gonna do for an encore? I'm telling ya, if she comes home with a Harley one night James is gonna get a call! ;)

Anonymous said...

I love Paige's "queen wave". cute!

Fran! You surprised me...a cute little Motorcycle Mama coming through!

OK, James, don't want to hurt your're cute, too! :-D

Love, Nana

Brittany said...

Jamie! I'm totally ROTFLMBO at your comment! So hilarious!

You go, Fran!

Girlies look cute on the bike and w/ their cool new pink helmet. My kids are jealous. I'm not. Scares the CRAP (Sorry, Mom! I used the "c" word. :O ) out of me!

Grammy Reese said...

I HAD FUN!!!!! Of course, it was only a ride from church to my house, so it wasn't like we were out on the open road, but I did enjoy it. I got to use the new helmet, which left James without one. But he had his safety goggles on to ward off the bugs. And, Jamie, I won't be coming home with a Harley any time soon, so don't get all riled up!!