Philippians 1:6 "Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you WILL perform it until the day of Jesus Christ"

Monday, August 31, 2009

Fourth Grade

August 09 031

Peyton at her desk

August 09 032

Paige at her desk

We are starting our second week of school.  Here are Paige

and Peyton hard at work cutting out a drawing of the skeletal system for their science class. 

28 weeks...I think I grew!

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

ALMOST 28 weeks!

Today is significant for me and baby JJ because it marks the milestone for when my last pregnancy ended. Paige and Peyton were born at 27 weeks, 6 days, 23 hours, and 9 and 10 minutes respectively. Making it to this point, and most likely beyond, is huge for me, as well as a big answer to prayer. I would not say that this pregnancy hasn't been bumpy, but I am thrilled that I went to church, out to lunch with Paige, and that I am sitting at home on my own couch. I am not in the hospital, I am not on any medications to stop labor, and I am definitely NOT laying upside down. While there is no way to know what tommorrow or any day after it brings, getting past this point, and pretty much doing it at home, is NOT a luxury that I take for granted. I am still hoping and praying that I will seen 29 weeks, 30 weeks, etc..until a nice reasonable time for this new little girl to safely be born. But in the meantime, i am going to TRY not to complain about the uncomfortableness, nausea, insomnia and heartburn..(at least not TOO much) and enjoy this time of waiting as much as possible!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Spending the rainy morning with horses!

August 09 012

Paige, Peyton and Freedom, Harry in the background

Freedom is a donkey that was born 9/11/01

August 09 020

James and Willy, a 27 yr old barrel racing horse

August 09 032

Paige, Peyton James and Willy

August 09 070

Peyton riding Willy

August 09 054

Paige climbed the fence to give Harry a pat.

Harry is a 25 yr old Fresion who has been in two Rose Bowl Parades and currently pulls an old carriage on the 4th of July that was used by President Lincoln

August 09 084

Paige on Harry, who hadn’t been saddled in a long time, Marilyn helping out.  Paige said she would need a “parachute” to get down!  Harry is a 17 hand horse (I guess that means he is tall!)

August 09 039

Peyton climbs the fence to given Harry some attention

We were invited to visit Marilyn, a dear friend of the Snyder family who lives with her horses (I think 7 of them) on a horse farm just minutes from Grandma Joyce.  I enjoyed my third visit there, and the girls their second.  They have been asking about going back ever since!  Thanks Marilyn for the lesson on horses, horse shoeing and the care of the horses.  It was a fun and educational experience!

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

24 week appt..update of JJ

August 09 029

Paige was kind enough to take the picture for me yesterday.  Every Monday marks the new week of pregnancy, and I wanted to capture 24 weeks.  I took a quick look at the 20 week picture, and I was shocked at how much..rounder..I had become.  Well, today, I went for my 24 week appt and found out that had something to do with the 9 pounds I gained this month!  I guess laying around and not working does help you gain weight!  My doctor was happy with the weight gain, this puts me at 13 total pounds over pre pregnancy weight.  My cervical length ultrasound was extremely encouraging, and my doctor had plenty of positive things to say.  The baby’s heart rate was great, and she is measuring the exact size she should be.  I am going to start going in for check ups every two weeks now, my doctor wants to continue to monitor my cervical lengths closely, as well as perform a test called a fetal fibrinectin every two week.  This test, when it is negative, gives a 99 % chance that labor WON’T begin for the next two weeks.  If I were to have a positive chance, there aren’t such good odds.  In the event that this test comes up positive, I will get a round of injected steroids (more needles, yuck) to hurry up lung development in the baby.  But right now, everything looks great and she shows no signs of trying to escape!  The sonographer took a quick look after the cervical ultrasound today, and JJ was giving us a great view to reaffirm that she is, indeed, a girl.  James sighed, and resigned himself to again looking at pink bedding at Target.  (Don’t let him fool you, he was picking out baby girl clothes left and right when we went rummage saling last weekend!)

Oh, and one last thing, this girl needs an official name..but our family can’t agree on one too well.  James made a list of names from the baby name book that I bought.  Each girl has a favorite from the list, and can’t stand the other girls favorite.  I told them that I named them, and they would get to name their own kids, so maybe James should just name her on his own!   He just smiled and raised an eyebrow at me.  Peyton’s favorite is Makayla.  Paige’s favorite is Abigail, and James is leaning toward Reese. (as a side note, Reese is my maiden name, and both girls think it is only a good boy name.)  I honestly don’t know, but we need a good middle name that goes well with them.  Suggestions????