Philippians 1:6 "Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you WILL perform it until the day of Jesus Christ"

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Christmas 2017 from the Snyder Family

2017 has been another busy year around here. Peyton is taking classes as DACC and Paige is taking classes as Bismarck in the morning and at DACC in the afternoon. This leaves me (Sandy) to catch a ride to work most days! Reese finished 1st grade and is halfway through 2nd at First Baptist. She is starting to read everything in sight. 
Paige and Peyton both went to prom in the spring. It was a beautiful day and we got some great pictures! The girls flew to Florida for their spring break to stay with my parents and during my short break from classes, James, Reese and I headed down there to enjoy the beach with my parents. Reese had not been to the beach since she was a baby and had a great time. 
I continue to work Recovery at the hospital (which is changing names again, saying goodbye completely to USMC!) and James is still on third shift. We keep busy with calls and activities at Bismarck Fire and at the church. I started my last year of school through University of Southern Indiana, so the girls and I will graduate at about the same time!

Thankfully, 2017 has been busy, but without any huge major changes. I know 2018 promises to be a big year of change. The girls will graduate, Paige is leaving in July for Army Basic Training, Peyton will go to DACC full time, and I have absolutely no idea where I will be working after I finish school. Yep, you heard that right, Paige will be in..sniff...Basic Training. She spent the fall going through the process to join the Army Reserves and she leaves July 24. We will miss her and she will miss her dog and her iPhone!

(oh, and Peyton met this boy..and he is kind of a big deal!) We like Brennen and he has been very good for Peyton. 

Thankfully, Reese is still only in love with her Daddy (James and Reese at the Festival of Trees.)
Senior picture taking was one of the absolute highlights of my summer! Natalie Shipman did an outstanding job for the photo shoot.
Paige did a quick photo shoot with Reese on the day of her 8th birthday. I think they turned out pretty good too!

This is Cooper! While he really does not car for strangers he is little doll (this was right after we got him, he has topped out at about 11 pounds.)
Reese enjoyed her year of dance...but she was glad when it ended..we were too!
Bismarck Community Fire Protection District has continued to be a big part of our family. The men and women there give of their time and talents in order to serve the community. This group has been a blessing to us. As you can see, Reese loves being a part of it.

James and I had an opportunity to go to Las Vegas for the EMS expo in October. This was a fantastic trip and a learning experience.
As soon as we got back fro Vegas we attended the police union Convention.
This is Koda! He is a super friendly pound puppy and even now that he is almost full grown, he is cute as a button and loved by all of us.

We are very excited to see what 2018 holds for our family! We ask that you pray for us with this upcoming year of changes, especially having Paige gone for almost half the year for training.

Merry Christmas from the Snyder Family!