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Thursday, May 28, 2009

“You and Me Go Fishing in the Dark” (or at least an overcast afternoon!)

James decided to take the girls fishing today since I had a meeting at work.  I figured that they wouldn’t be gone very  long since I have a pretty good idea of the James’s the girls’ attention spans!  Anyway, they were out there for quite awhile, so me and my camera went out and caught up with them.  Thankfully I arrived before any fish were caught, and also thankfully, nobody got stuck with a hook (especially not me!)

may 2009 035

may 2009 037


may 2009 036

Paige caught the first fish..she was ecstatic!

may 2009 038

Peyton’s first fish..

may 2009 044

second fish…

may 2009 047

and finally the one that didn’t flop off the line!


Fran R. said...

All I can say is, "Sweet". And a big hug to the bestest step-dad ever. So glad Sandy got to go too and see the excitement.

....t said...

Your girls are so darling!....t

Fran R. said...

And, I hear they went again and were successful fishergirls... How great is that. Thanks, James.