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Friday, May 15, 2009

First pictures of baby J.J. (NOT an official name!)




James and I headed to my OB-gyn visit this morning.  We had been anxiously awaiting our first ultrasound.  Our baby (who is nameless, and no, we don’t know what we are having yet) has been nicknamed “JJ” by our children, which works out fine.  JJ was very active for his/her first pictures.  The heart rate was 158 and lots of moving around was noticed.  No wonder I am so queasy all the time!  It is going to be crazy when I can start to feel that! 

Please pray for us, all looks wonderful now, but on Monday, I go for a “cervical cerclage” which should decrease my likelihood of premature delivery.  For anyone who has known me more than 9 years, you know that this was a BIG problem with my girls.  Anyway, I will have spinal anesthesia and the cerclage will be placed Monday afternoon.  I will have ultrasounds of the cervix every 4 weeks to make sure those stitches are doing what they are supposed to do!  I will also start weekly progesterone injections at my next visit.  James is looking forward to giving me those shots once a week, I think that is a bit wicked of him!  He is easy to forgive, though, because he does all the cooking, most of the cleaning, and caters with no little complaining to my food cravings!


Brittany said...

Ummmm, I get the credit for the nickname while we were in Chicago. But, the kids definately liked it and ran with it. teehee!

Since I nickname all the kids, this one might stick forever for me. You know I love my Parsley and Sage!

I'm so very very relieved all went well today.

Mr. Harmless said...

injections... ugh!


The baby is looking awesome, we will be praying for you!

Fran R. said...

Hey, everyone......that's my grandbaby!!!! I echo the prayers for Sandy that JJ will stay put until it is time. But, the LORD knows best. Look what we got at 28 weeks: Peyton and Paige!!!!!

Brittany said...

J.J.= James Junior

Mr. Harmless said...