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Friday, January 06, 2006

I miss summer!

January. The month when the grass is brown, nothing is growing, and it is cold, at least in Illinois. The holidays are over, and summer seems like a long way off. My girls have asked, "how long til summer, mom?" The answer is more than depressing. I know some people like winter, snow, ice and all. However, we are summer people. Hot sun, swimming, boating, grilling out, not to mention that it is still light out past 4 pm!

Last fall, I began redecorating my bedroom. For cheap and enjoyable decorations, I enlarged and framed black and white versions of some of my favorite photos. The criteria was that they must be summer and taken outside. They definitely cheer me up on dreary days. They are also a simple reminder of God's blessing on my life. This is the View from Baltic Drive today, if only
in my bedroom!Sandy

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beach girls

Brad & girls in Florida



Brad & Chad


Anonymous said...

You could always move South!?

Perpetual summer...ahhhh!

Sandy said...

funny, all my friends in the south seem to want to move north, how warm is it there, anyway??

Anonymous said...

Chad's trunks are getting a little beyond the pale! ;)

Sandy said...

Actually, if you look closely, (click on the photo to enlarge) the top of his trunks ARE a pale color (note the drawstring). An allusion of skin, not actual skin, sorry :)