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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Back online!!!

I am now the proud owner of a laptop computer! I am very excited with my new purchase. The old computer should be in well enough working order by the end of the week, that the girls will have a great place to play games. They are getting into "webkinz" right now, and will be glad not to fight me for computer time. The best part is the wireless internet access. I am writing this while sitting on the couch. Now, what I should be doing is trying to figure out a way to get the racoon out of my garage! I will try to get close enough for a picture of my new housemate. Maybe he heard we were painting the spare room red, and he wanted to move in!


momma of 3 said...

Yea for a new 'puter!


grammy reese said...

glad you are back up and running. the laptop sure is handsome. the girls were fun today. we went to visit various parks and try out the equipment. bet they sleep good tonight. love and stuff mom

megan said...

stephanie, don't read this comment. (i know you are an animal lover)

sandy, ryan could bring over a trap and get it that way. sorry to all you animal lovers, but who wants a raccoon in the garage?? not something you want to have running around in the garage, they can make such a mess.

Steve's Girlfriend said...

Oh my goodness~! You're thinking of taking a PICTURE of the creature so you can blog it?!?!?!? All I'd want to do is get it out of there...the sooner the better! I think you're a blogging addict! :-D How funny!
I'm with Megan on this Ryan!

Sandy said...

thanks for the offer, Megan (offering Ryan I mean ;) The coon is no longer having his mail delivered to my garage, so I can park my truck in it!

Steve's this the first time you have commented?? I am SO impressed! No, I didn't get a picture, but I did want to!

Grammy-thanks for playing with the kids so I could go get my new toy!

Momma...yea is right! I am thankful for well timed windfalls!

Steve's Girlfriend said...

Nope, not the first time. I've commented before. WHAT??? You mean you MISSED it?!? Better go back in the archives and check. I'm sure you wouldn't want to miss anything I said! LOL!!! (Oh, look....I even know what that means. Are you scared yet?)

Glad you got rid of your garageguest. And glad there's no picture for me to see.
Love you! Mom #2

Jamie said...

I'd have sooner bombed the whole garage than tried to get a picture of it! Not a big coon fan. Comes from years of apartment living. They love those big dumpsters, and it seemed that I always had to park right next to one.