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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Peyton runs the mile

I counted laps for Peyton as she ran the mile (28 laps)

There she goes

I took a lap with her. She said, "Mom, I didn't need you to run with me" She doesn't know that I just wanted to have a picture of me running with her.
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Steph said...

Way to go little she-Brad! That first picture of her is AMAZING at how much she looks like him. And then little grinning Sandy holding up the number 10 a few pictures down. It is so crazy to see our faces in our kids... Brings back lots of little kid pony/barbie memories...

Sandy said...

I know, our kids are definitely little clones of us, scary isn't it??

Gretchen said...

I pretty much thought that was why you ran a lap with her. I couldn't imagine her wanting help. :)

I am so proud of the kiddos! They are AMAZING! Right here is proof of how much children can succeed if they are gently pushed a bit and HEAVILY encouraged!!

I am sure going to miss these guys! Do you have any other good shots, of the whole group? I don't have any pictures, really, to remember everybody by. I would love to get some copies made.