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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Ok, I was a bit surprised when my phone rang after 11 pm with an order from my friend Charity (an hour later at her house) that I must read her blog immediately! She had come up with a cute top ten list for an "almost single mom," because her husband is on the road many days and nights right now. You can check it out with the link below.
Anyway, I decided I needed my own list, since I could relate to so many of the things on her list. And by the way, the parking lot screaming only happened once.

You might be "an acting" single mom if:

10. Your grocery money lasts twice as long as it used to, and you can carry almost all of the Walmart bags into the house in one trip.

9. Sports Center hasn't been on in your house for over a month.

8. You start playing Polly Pockets computer games with your 6 years old, and actually enjoy it.

7. You stay up until 1 am watching a dumb movie like "Where the Heart is."

6. You are awake to take the phone call when your friend wants you look at her blog late at night.

5. You ask your 6 year olds which shirt looks better before heading out of the house.

4. Cooking dinner consists of throwing the chicken nuggets onto a plate and popping them into the microwave.

3. A dinner out consists of a cheesy diner with your parents.

2. A fun night away from home is spent watching the televised version of "Titanic" at Steph's house and then sleeping on her couch.

1. If snoring wakes you up, it is either your kid, or your mom decided to spend the night.

Ok Steph, you are up next. Tell us how you might know if you are a "basketball widow"


Steph said...

Hey Titanic is a GOOD tragic movie...ahh Leo...before all the weight gain...

Sandy said...

I know, I secretly enjoyed watching "where the heart is" too.

Gretchen said...

Ha ha! Good post, Sandy!

Quite original. . . I especially liked the one about asking the girls which shirt matches best. Hee hee.

Paiger became a Squire tonight. Did she tell you? I guess Peyton moving on already inspired her a bit to drop the shyness.