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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Old friends are gold...

OK, I know that I am risking life and limb when I present these pictures. However, Charity's coming visit (and maybe an odd coping mechanism) has prompted me to bring out the old photo boxes! I scanned anther bundle this morning. click here to see some more picures from years gone by. By the way, I still have MANY more pictures.

Amanda, Steph, Sandy and Charity August 1993 in Georgia
Steph,Char, Manda, san Stone Mountain, Georgia
Steph, San, Char, Manda- TGI Friday's- summer 1996

Char, Steph, Manda, Sandy-The Thornsbrough house, New Years Eve 1998
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Aunt Jamie said...

Um, San?? What look are you going for in that last picture? Kind of a haughty thug look, or is your head just weighed down by the hair??

James and Christen said...

Looks like a cool group of friends. What a blessing! It's fun to see you guys in the past! Love the hair!

Steph said...

can't wait to hear what Charity and Amanda say... If Charity decides to bring up a bunch of old pictures, you could be in trouble

harmless said...

Whoa, I think that in that first picture, if a strong wind blew, a couple of you might achieve lift-off.

Charity said...

OKAY...First, I want to warn you guys that I am, in fact, buying a scanner and then all bets are off!

I have to say these pics are good for two things-

1. A laugh (and a little teary, too..)

2. If I'm feeling insecure at all about my new trendy hair, I am reassured by these pics that ANY hair is going to be better than the hair I had before these past couple of years! What were we thinking? Hilarious! How long was I seven shades darker than you guys? I'm SOOO dying of skin cancer!

What a fortunate girl I am...I love my girls.

Charity said...


Do you notice how Matt keeps mocking all the pictures of us in some way??

I mentioned this down below but I think you ought to scan a few of him! He's got some return mocking due!

Then we'll all comment in code about how he dated almost ALL OF US and some particularly special moments like...the hat turn or the time your dad had to throw him off your roof OR when he confused Steph with something "else".

(I just read this out loud to Matt and Sam said, "Why did he have to throw you off the roof, daddy?" Matt is now having to explain why he'd want to be on Aunt Sandy's roof! I'm cracking up!)

Mandy said...

I LOVE the 'fabulous four' pictures! How fun!

Ok, I totally borrowed a few of those pairs of shorts Amanda has on in a few of those pictures. I must have been 14 or 15. She had the coolest clothes! Now Livie has the coolest clothes!

Sandy said...

well, Matt is asking for it! I am certain I can dig up a few of a him that might keep his mouth shut about how we looked!