Philippians 1:6 "Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you WILL perform it until the day of Jesus Christ"

Thursday, February 01, 2007

have you declared your iniquity today??

I am sure that Peyton would be thrilled that I am posting her prayers, but I am counting on NO ONE telling her;) Wednesday morning, when we were starting school, Peyton agreed to pray before we got started. I wrote this down right after she prayed, so that I would remember, here goes.......for my mommy that she will declare her iniquity to God, and for daddy, that he will declare his iniquity to God, and for us to do the same... I know that the rest of her prayer was equally heart felt, but I was SO blown away when she said that. We have been learning a verse a week for school. We read it, discuss what it means. The girls write it, and they get credit when they recite it at the end of the week. Each week, we add another verse, and continue to work on the old ones. A recent verse was For I will declare mine iniquity; I will be sorry for my sin. Psalm 38:18. Now, we discusses what this verse meant, and what iniquity means, so I am not suprised that she understood that word, but to pray in for other people, and have it in correct context was impressive to me. I don't believe that she has ever heard me pray about "iniquity" specifically. At any rate, I was touched and as usual, convicted by the words of my own child. Peyton is someone who I ask to pray for me, in the moment, on a regular basis. She doesn't have to know exactly why I need the prayer. Often times, she is so insightful, that she really knows anyway. These little girls are SO precious and a neat gift from God. I am truly thankful for them.

I had someone tell me just yesterday that my girls were smart and beautiful, and that Brad and I had done a good job with them. I don't know that I think that is true. I think that God is growing them, and HE is doing a great job with them. Occasionally He uses one of us for that, but mostly, the work is done despite how we may mess up. Oh, I still feel that their spiritual, academic, physical, social, etc.. future will be affected by our parenting choices, the choices they see us make, and the environment we raise them in. However, nothing will reach them that doesn't go through the filter of God's perfect will. When I am anxious, and think ahead too much, I am being challenged that I forfeit God's grace. Now why in the world would I choose to live in anxiety and fear over circumstances that I am powerless to change, when instead I could be living in God's grace on a day by day basis???


Anonymous said...

Out of the mouth of babes comes great conviction. Such a good verse that I need to keep before me everyday. I appreciate your faithfulness in teaching the girls truth from God's Word. We are praying for you daily. We love you. Uncle John & Aunt Shawn

grammy said...

thanks again for sharing your heart and the heart of the little girls. love grammy and poppa

mattharmless said...

That is an excellent point. We know that God is using all things to "grow us up." That is why we don't have to fear what happens to us, and what other people do.

That is one thing that I love about God. He is the only one that has the ability to work ALL things for good. We don't know what will help our children to be like Christ, but He does.

God will never abandon TRUE fatherhood.

Aunt Katy said...

Sandy, Your little girls are precious and they bless my heart each and every single time that I see them. I just wish I was able to spend time with them more often. Their little inner beings are so much like that of their mothers... that I wish you'd give yourself more credit. Jesus has blessed you with not one, but two genuine reflections of yourself. Don't you remember when you were little how you'd pray for Grandpa Reese and how you'd go up to the alter at such an early age. (Methodists used alters.. remember?) You were a witness even then sweetie. I can recall vividly once upon a time when a small young girl gave her life to Jesus at the Methodist Church in Sidell. I was there and so proud of you. Jesus has done wonderful things in you. And I know that He smiles down upon you and your little girls. I do believe that one of the prettiest Bible verses is in Matthew and that it suits you and your sweet babies. "You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden." (Matt. 5:14) Because of God's works through you I have become more humble as I am sure that you have that affect on so many others.

Sandy said...

Aunt Shawn, thanks so much, I appreciate the prayers!

Mom, thanks for the comments and for the emails. I am doing fine, I love you.

Matt, thanks for letting me bend your ear the other night. Charity is very blessed to have you.

Aunt Katy, Ok, you nearly made me cry! I am glad you remember that day, because I struggled for years to remember it myself! I know that you have a little grandbaby of your own now, but we would love to hang out with you sometime.

Gretchen said...


I am so humbled! This is what I so love about being around children! Yes, their cuteness is great, but these profound things that the Lord reveals to them just BLOWS you away.

San, you cannot do better than to teach your children scripture and to teach them to pray it. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this because it really humbles me and makes me see my lacking faith and prayer life.

I LOVE your girlies!! Please tell them so!

Sandy said...

thanks Gret for the encouragement. You absolutely know that one of the jewels in your crown in heaven will be a direct result of all you have done in the lives of my children! I don't agree that "it takes a village" as per H. Clinton, but I believe that sometimes God chooses to use one!