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Friday, February 16, 2007

My first movie review!

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This afternoon, Peyton, Paige, Lauren and I hit the theaters for the opening of "The Bridge to Terabithia." The girls had been talking about the movie for the past few weeks, so I began to watch the ads for it, and I thought it looked pretty good. I was right! The girls watched, mesmerized, even though I am sure much of the story soared right over their heads. I would describe this movie as "My Girl" meets "Narnia." The movie was boasts some pretty impressive acting from a few very yound actors. While the school bully's that were portrayed were pretty extreme, their existence paralleled to the fantasy world portrayed in Terabithia was excellent. I also appreciated how one of the worst bullies was shown for her weaknesses, and allowed to redeem herself in the end.

There was a scene in which the lead characters, Jess and Leslie were riding in the back of a truck after attending church with Jess's family. Leslie obviously had no church background, but she saw the "beauty" in the story of Jesus. Jess and his sister were trying to explain Christianity to her, and they described how anyone who doesn't believe the Bible is "damned to hell." Leslie sweetly said that she didn't believe that God was "going around damning people to hell." She felt He would be too busy running the world. Peyton, who was sitting down from me by 3 seats leaned down and said, "She's wrong." Hmm, out of the mouth of babes! We have taught our children that people go to hell because of sin and God actually rescues and saves people from hell. Even so, Peyton picked up on the wrong thinking portrayed by this character in the movie.
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grammy said...

interesting story about bullies,eh? good for peyton to follow the story and catch that line about God not having time to condemn people to hell, what with running the world and all. peyton and paige have the facts, thanks to good teaching from you and gret and johanna and ms janice and the other teachers who have imparted truth. ptl. grammy

brittany said...

You go, Peyton!!! Doesn't it feel good to know that SOMETHING we're trying to teach our kids is sticking? Lauren had a fantastic time. Thanks for taking her.

Gretchen said...

YEA PEYTON! I love it when kids can play "spot the lie" and still be able to enjoy themselves.

Miss you girlies and I hope we are still planning to see each other!

Mandy said...

Good review San! I was curious about the movie, and it was most helpful!