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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Wednesday night fun at the church

You can tell it is winter time around Calvary Baptist Church when the families are hanging around in the gym after the services and the jump ropes come out. I decided to do some quick video of the kids playing and jumping rope. I dedicate these short clips to Josh and Gretchen, who are greatly missed! (look for my two little ones jumping around, Paige is in a white shirt and jeans, and Peyton is in a hot pink shirt and jeans. Of course, they have NO shoes on! Also don't be alarmed about the man in the suit trying to jump rope, that is just Pastor Scott!)

Click here for Part 1
Click here for Part 2
Click here for part 3
Click here for part 4


grammy said...

the videos are action packed, especially those with p. scott jumping. paige and peyton never did stop jumping. were they jumping in the car on the way home? later, mother

Greg and Staci said...

Thanks for the memories! At least I can watch my kids on your videos:) You inspire me to get my camera out more often. I love to look at your blog, Sandy, you are a real encouragement to me.


aunt brittany said...

It's classic Paige, pulling up her pants in the middle of jumping rope! haha! Do you think she'll be hiking up her wedding dress on the way down the aisle someday?

Gretchen said...

WAHhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! I totally miss you guys! :)

Thanks so much for posting that, Sandy. During the first 2 videos I was totally thinking "they should move where they're jumping, it's too close to the wall, no-one can run out!" I move states away and still stay "the boss" over all fun/children's activities. :)

I will be back again to watch this!

Josh said...

Thanks for posting the videos! I was thinking as I watched, "I hung that clock up there on the wall." I know that place like the back of my hand! Also, I caught a sideways glimpse of Abby's new glasses, which made me feel less out of the loop with the SIL's (sisters-in-law).