Philippians 1:6 "Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you WILL perform it until the day of Jesus Christ"

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Jesus, Draw me even nearer

I am afraid that I am totally stumped for something to say to those who tell me that I am an encouragment to them. I spent the car ride home from work tonight asking God a whole bunch of questions. I also informed Him that I was very tired and needed relief. During all of Saturday, I felt angry, then sad, then angry again. But by the time the day was drawing to a close, I mostly felt sorry for another person. You see, I have the luxury of dropping my heavy burdens at the foot of the cross. The person who is choosing to persecute me, is just trying to juggle his by blaming others, and making up reasons why bad decisions are justified. I have tried over the course of the past few months to be very careful and respectful on this blog. I really, just want others to know of the awesome work of God in my life. That is the purpose of this blog. Today, all I can say is that I am still standing on the firm rock, I am out of the pit, but I have very wobbly legs, and another storm showed up before my house could get built. I am coming to believe that God doesn't promise us a fun and happy life in this world. I know that heaven, my eternal home, will be spectacular. I think that he is missing the point of that. He thinks that life is about fun and filling your life with temporary things that make you happy. So that is why I must feel sorry for him. He hasn't gotten the big picture of what exactly we as Christians are in for when this life is through.

I guess I had more to say than I thought that I did. I must remember that what he means for evil, God means for good! I can claim that promise for me and for my two girls.

I hadn't intended to blog, but I read what Charity blogged, and I was compelled to steal it again. For one, it reminded me again how much I am loved. Thanks Char.

For San
My friend Sandy has been enduring an extremely difficult trial these past few months and sadly, this day brings even harder events to face.

I feel like someone has tied my hands up and made me mute because no matter how much the desire...I cannot seem to get to her or form the right words to bring comfort.

One thing I can deeply relate to...I did not want the call I got today and it was added to a deep pool of hurts already within my heart this week so that I feel I could drown in if I let myself.

I am having to refocus my mind minute by minute as I know my dear friend is doing...times a million minutes.

"Why is my face downcast?...Why is my soul bewildered?...Hope in the Lord."

There is still hope, San. When God is in the midst...There is always hope.

Let us together remember to praise God that He has already taken care of our greatest need..Our sin.

I love you, friend."

So we do not lose heart...for this momentary affliction is preparing us an eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison." 11Corinthians 4:16-17

Jesus, Draw Me Ever Nearer

Jesus, draw me ever nearer

As I labor through the storm

You have called me to this passage

And I'll follow though I'm worn

May this journey bring a blessing

May I rise on wings of faith

At the end of my heart's testing

With Your likeness let me wake

Jesus, guide me through this tempest

Keep my spirit staid and sure

When the midnight meets the morning

Let me love You even more

Let the treasures of this trial

Form within me as I go

And at the end of this long passage

Let me leave them at Your throne
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Thursday, January 04, 2007


grammy said...

what a beautiful blog, both from you, dear daughter and from your trusted friend, charity. you girls amazing me with your writing ability. yesterday was an emotional day, one of great sadness, intermingled with rage toward someone i loved at one time. time ran out for me yesterday. my concern is his family, my family. they will be cared for. grammy

Gretchen said...


I'm sorry you had such a hard day yesterday. And I missed you today. We'll have to talk one of these days. I'll be praying for you. :(
Love, Gret

megan said...

Just wanted to let you know i'm thinking and praying for you. i heard you had a really hard day saturday. please let me know if you need anything.

Gretchen said...

Sandy, You'll have to check out the pic I put up of Peyton in a Russian girl's outfit! What a cutie!