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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Football fever

Before Christmas, and long before it was decided who would play in the Super Bowl this year, Brad told me he wanted to get the girls jerseys. He wanted Peyton to have a pink Manning jersey. He had me get a Grossman jersey for Paige off of ebay. We didn't get them given for Christmas, because we wouldn't have them in time. I found the Manning jersey at Dick's in Indianapolis yesterday, so we decided to give them to them today as an early birthday present. (ok, a month early, but we want them to have plenty of time to wear them before the big game). However, Paige wanted Manning and Peyton wanted Grossman. (I believe that color, not team preference played into this decision). So here they are, showing their stuff and posing with their daddy in one of his jerseys.

Peyton (Thornsbrough, not Manning ;) in the Grossman Jersey, Brad in 32 and Paige hamming in the Manning jersey

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grammy said...

i love the jerseys. and it's fun to give birthday presents early. makes the occasion last longer. the girls told me yesterday that it was 30 days till their day. thanks for sharing the nice pics. love mom

Triplets said...

San- You must have found Dick's on your way out of town - good deal! I was so glad to see you, Mandy, and the girls. What a treat. Thanks also for taking time to pray with me - such an encouragment and blessing!
Praying for you too,

Sandy said...

Grammy, I thought the girls would enjoy the early gift

Jen, thanks for the tip, we did stumble upon Dick's, thanks for the tip!

aunt brittany said...

That is a GREAT pic of Brad and the girls. They look so cute in their jerseys.

Steph said...

I love these cute jerseys. How bad of a mom and I - my boys have nothing like this. I think we would end up with basketball jerseys though...I'll leave that up to Gary.

megan said...

great father/daughter picture !!