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Monday, January 15, 2007

Very cool kids!

A few weeks ago, I took the girls to get new shorts to play basketball in. They both wanted to look at shoes and try them on. The get this desire from their daddy, he is WAY more into shoes than I am. (lest he get offended, I know that he isn't NEAR as big a shoe collector as the members of the Edgington house, but I still know that he has to fight off the temptation to buy new shoes each time he looks at them ;) Anyway, I informed them that I was absolutely the wrong parent to pick out shoes. After all, I have been dependent on Brad to pick my athletic shoes for me for over a decade! So Saturday, they hit the mall and the girls got their own Nike Shox. They are "tie shoes, mom." Brad did a terrific job of helping them choose shoes. They informed me that they even went to two different stores to buy them. They were excited to show them off to me when I got home.
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aunt brittany said...

VERY cool shoes! I didn't realize they were different colors too. I only saw one pair! Where'd the jackets come from? Brad too? I saw them last night. Paige was excited that they matched Brookelyn's doll's coat! LOL!

Sandy said...

So sorry! Grammy gets credit for the cute new coats!

Aunt Jamie said...

Nice shoes girlies! Love the princess coats too.