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Monday, January 22, 2007

A little Glimpse of Heaven

During the Sanctity of Life Service at Second Church of Christ today, One of Brock's songs was used as the background music in a video that featured all of the previous years miracles for the church and their families. Here are the words to this precious song. This song dates back to the first baby born into the youngest generation of Thornsbrough kids, over 9 years ago now. Check out my previous post "family album" to see the 6 kids in this generation. All children are miracles of God. However, these 6 kids represent what God brought out of pain, fear and loss felt by our family. Thanks kids, for all being a "gentle reminder of the great things God can do." to me!
Words: Brock Thornsbrough
Music: Brent Wilson
c. 2004

A prayer from a longing heart
Reached to the Father above
A request for a miracle
Granted from God's great love
We've waited for so long
To hold you to our Chest
Through many losses and gains
God's now given us his best
He sent a little glimpse of Heaven in you
He sent a little glimpse of Heaven in you
You're a gentle reminder of the great things God can do
He sent a little glimpse of Heaven in you
The pureness of your cry
Is music to our ears
Just one look into your eyes
Makes us forget all our fears.
'cause God sent us his love
When He granted our prayer
He placed you in our arms
And put you in our care

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Anonymous said...

Ok, Brock warned me that he was going to record that song so it would be played Sunday. Because I was duely warned, I didn't tear up once. (I ALWAYS have/do because of the pain and memories of blessings for me) BUT, this morning, I'd forgotten that you'd asked about the words of the song and seeing what you wrote about it and seeing the pics of my miracles (along w/ yours and B&A's) just started the waterworks. ugh.

I DO feel so blessed and like I've been allowed to have "A Little Glimpse of Heaven" through my babies. They ARE a gentle reminder of the GREAT things God can do, even when everything around us seems to be falling apart or is hard.