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Monday, January 01, 2007

The best New Years Eve ever!

One of the best New Years Eve's in my memory was when I was a child and we were attending a small Methodist Church. I remember having a service that ended in candlelight, and then playing games and eating snacks in the church basement until late. I couldn't have been much older than P&P are now, but that year has stuck in my memory. Since I was a teenager, I have always anticipated New Years to be this night for great fun. There were some years that we put together some fun parties. Last year, we went to some friends from church's house and played games, ate and laughed til after midnight. Each year, though, I always anticipated that this was the year that I would finally understand the New Years Eve hype.
Well, this year, I planned nothing. I had no worries for a babysitter. The girls and I went to the church service, where I was blessed by the testimonies of other people and what God did in their lives in 2006. I was completely flanked by my two precious daughters while we took communion together and prayed at the end of the service. Then, we went to the church gym and played and talked and ate. The girls played non stop with their friends until 10 pm. I talked to friends and was encouraged in my faith by other Christians. My sister-in-law and I agreed that being pretty much the last ones at the church was great, and good for the kids.
When we got home, the girls got into their pj's and watched one of their new movies. I took the time to get out my One Year Bible, and start a new journal. I filled the first few pages with some personal goals, and some people I wanted to pray for. Just before midnight, I had a "toast" with the girls (see picture below) and then we got on our knees at the couch and prayed together. Then I carried each girl to my bed, and I slept between them all night. As we laid in the bed, they asked me what I had said in the microphone that night (during testimony time). So I told them what I was thankful for. I told them how blessed I was by them. It was one of the most precious nights that I have ever spent.

P&P and the cousins just before the church service

Paige just about to send the dominos falling

Paige, Miss Gretchen and Peyton

Our midnight "toast" Peyton wasn't too crazy about sparkling grape juice, I think she was getting sleepy, too.
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grammy said...

every time i read your blog, it gets better and touches my emotional bones. as you know, dad and i were with uncle jack and aunt linda as has been our tradition for many years. we don't know exactly how many.ha..... we had good food and fellowship as we always do. i was at ease because i felt you and the twins were ok, jamie was watching mother, and so i had nothing to worry over, which is of course my best attribute worry worry worry. anyway, happy new year to the three of you from grammy.

brittany said...

Last night was a lot of fun. I'm glad you were able to stay and enjoy it with us! Happy New Year!

Steph said...

Last night was nice wasn't it? I was in the same boat as you - not really sure what to plan, so I planned nothing. I came home thinking that I enjoyed being with church people and watching the kids play. I know almost all of my New Years Eve's as a kid were spent at Calvary. I thought last night that I wouldn't mind Elijah and Isaiah having the same kind of memories. I know you and I didn't end up at the same table much last night but I definitely thought of you. Sometimes it is nice to just be in the same room. Happy New Year! Who knows exactly what this one will bring but I'm glad to know we can all face it together

Gretchen said...

FUN-NESS!! Looks like you guys had a blast. Wait. . . I was there the majority of the time. :)

Hey, I was going to tell you, yes I LOVE Elisabeth Elliot. She is totally my fav. And guess what? She and her husband Lars have read my blog!! No kidding! I will have to tell you about it sometime.

Amy said...

As I am sure you figured out from your tracker, I am your Arkansas reader.

Amy Miller