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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Monday Night Football

We had Chad, Amanda and Olivia over to see the Bears play the Cardinals last night. Brad assured me that the Bears should win by 30 points. Olivia and Chad both showed up in Urlacher jerseys. (Olivia was adorable, wish I had a picture of her instead of the real deal.) All I can say is, that is is a good thing that Urlacher showed up for the game! Apparently the Bear's quarterback was having the worst game of his life. I try to keep my mouth shut, with my limited football knowledge, but I had one comment. "Why doesn't the Bear's offense just take a knee for three downs and then kick it so that defense can score again?" Anyway, it was a nailbitter of a game. And I have a happy husband today, since the Bears are now 6-0. It is good that a W is a W, if if they only win by 1 point!


Aunt Jamie said...

I gave up and went to bed 1/2 way thru the 3rd quarter!! I thought it was completely disgusting. Then when Grandma thought it was time to get up for the day at 1:15 A.M., I thought I'd just check ESPN for the final score. I couldn't believe it until I saw that the defence had actually scored the points for them!!

Steph said...

It is all greek to me but glad you guys had a good time