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Friday, October 13, 2006

Happy 40th birthday, Kelly!

When I was a little girl, my dad's two youngest sisters came to live with us. My dad's siblings (all 6 of them) and his parents are pictured below on his wedding day. I instantly had two extra big sisters. Since Kelly is only 8 years older than me ( making me far from 40), I have many memories of her growing up. Don't worry, Kel, I won't tell the knife story! I can remember getting to sleep with her, maybe on a trip or something. She had very long thick hair. I can remember that she would toss her head in her sleep, and I would get hit with all that hair. I pretended it annoyed me, but really I just liked being included, and I loved her hair. When she started her first job after high school, I can remember walking on her back and rubbing her feet. Currently, I am making sure my girls are good back walkers, and my husband is very grateful for my foot rubbing skills, especially since his last surgery! One of my few clear memories of when I was on a drug in the hospital to stop my labor was of Kelly. She came and was trying to help me eat. I am pretty sure I vomited jello all over! I am guessing she wouldn't let me eat jello in her presence to this day. Below are some old family shots that have Kelly in them. Kel, I hope you have a great 40th birthday. Thanks for all the love you have shown me, and my girls over the years. I still love you like an older sister.

Uncle Pat, Uncle John, Aunt Robin, Grandma & Grandpa, Dad, Aunt Ann
in front, Aunt Kelly and Aunt Katy

kelly, Katy, Uncle John, Uncle Pat, Aunt Robin, Dad, Aunt Ann

Kelly, Janelle,Uncle Mike and Jordan

Kelly, Dad and Susan

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Anonymous said...

Hey Sandy...

You are just to did you become the way you are now after driving me so crazy as a child. You always seemed to know what you wanted then...I always loved that about you even if it did drive me crazy. You are such a strong wonderful person. With such special little girls. Brad ain't bad either. Love the you!! Aunt Kelly~

Steph said...

Of course I love it - especially the picture with the two "Beatle" looking men to the left...
And three cheers for Aunt Kelly! One of my favorite "kid" memories is of her and Susan and their wild eye shadow abilities. I remember sitting REALLY still hoping they would let us sit and watch. Time sure flies!

Sandy said...

No kidding, Steph! What I wouldn't give to be is Susan's old room with the strobe light going after being forced to have my hair curled!

Aunt Jamie said...

Of course, you can't let her get near your ears with a curling iron! 3rd degree burns I'm telling ya!

Anonymous said...

Jame you are a pansy...whats a little flesh burn. There's not a scare is there? I thought you were tougher than that!!!