Philippians 1:6 "Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you WILL perform it until the day of Jesus Christ"

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Any lurkers???

Ok, it is nearly midnight. My children are asleep in my bed. (I am still not entirely sure how that happened, hopefully there will be room for me when I show up). I have been asked about my blog so much lately, that I was suspicious that I might have a few extra visitors. SO, if there are any lurkers out there (that is what we used to call them when I used to be on a message board) please post! I want to hear from you, even if it is just "hi, I was here." If there is anyone that wants to get in touch with me (seriously, now), but doesn't wish to post I will leave my email here (scary thought!)

And on to another subject, just before I take my tired self off to bed. (yes I know that wasn't a complete sentence, but it was about to be a run-on, so I left it) I was reminded, once again, tonight that I have terrific daughters. They are already two of my best friends, at 6 years old! I have had to talk to them about some tough stuff lately. I have tried to be very honest, but not give more information than they needed to hear. Tonight, I had no choice but to give them a bit more information than I was entirely ready to discuss with them. They are so smart, and sensitive. I very much want to talk to them with God's will and what is eternally valuable in mind. I want to be careful not to talk to them out of my own pain and feelings. The trouble is, they are so darn sensitive to when I am hurting! Anyway, I am blessed to have them in my life. Now I need to go and see if I am blessed to have them in my bed....


megan said...

hi sandy, i was up last night, until about 3:00. sorry i didn't see you were on-line. i was rushing in between caleb and neil, taking them to the bathroom. they were both sick. ryan felt like he was going to be sick once he got home form working ground about 10:30. I told him i could only take care of 2 sick people at once!
Neil is still getting sick this morning.

I'm praying for you to have Godly wisdom in how to share things with the girls. - hope you had room in your bed last night when you got there!:) me and the boys slept on the couch together!

Sandy said...

oh Megan! I am SO sorry! You could call me most nights, I don't sleep much. I hope that you don't get sick too. I guess this means I won't see you tonight at church. I hope all of your "boys" are better soon.