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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Mothers' day blogging, Day 2, take 4

This is my other Grandmother-in-law. Her name is Vernice, but all who know her call her "Granny." Granny has been a big part of my life since before I even married into her family. Visiting at their house was a regular occurance when Brad and I were dating. She always had pop in the fridge, and usually a big meal cooking in the kitchen! Granny positively adored her grandchildren, and now loves her 8 great grandchildren just as much. My girls have spent the night at her house, and been loved and cared for there many times! A few years ago, Granny and Granddad moved from their farm house into town. While it was wierd to see them off the farm, it was great to have them so convenient! Granny was ill a few years ago, and went through a very serious operation. When she came home from the hospital, my sister in law, Brittany and I, shared the job of helping to care for her wounds. It was a wonderful opportunity to help care for this lady who had cared for so many others! Granny has recovered, and finally retired from work just this past year. One of my best memories of her is when we traveled over to Covenant after my girls were born. While we were there, there was a tornado warning, and we all had to move to the hallway. So here we were, holding these little babies together, still on monitors and one on oxygen, out in the hallway next to the elevators on the 8th floor, waiting out a tornado warning. Thank you Granny, for being like a second grandmother to me, and such a wonderful Granny to my girls! Happy Mothers day.

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brittany said...

I called Granny and read her your blog entry. She thought that was so nice. I knew she'd never see it, so thought that's what I should do.