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Sunday, May 13, 2007

For my mom....

My mom has been right there with me during some of the roughest moments of my life. She was there for me when my best friend moved away in the 4th grade. I remember that she bought me books and got me started reading "Trixie Beldon" which I hope my girls like in a few years. I remember the year that I was pregnant with the twins, and she took me to get a massage when I was having migraines. While I was there, I got sick and nearly passed out. I think she felt responsible for me being there, even though she just wanted to help me feel better! My mom did all she could to help me with my short but eventful pregnancy, and she was wonderful after the girls were born. I remember my life's worst ever car ride, which was my parents and me on the way to Peoria when Paige was transferred there a few days after her birth. I still felt really sick, and we were all so worried about tiny little Paige. Mom was always willing to come and help with the girls. She started keeping them all night, as soon as we were ready to have them away. She hasn't stopped that yet! This past year, mom's health hasn't always been so good, but she has always been available me when I needed her. This past year has been the most emotionally challenging of my life, and I feel that I have been able to get even closer to her through it. Thanks mom, for all you have done and said, even when you had NO IDEA what needed to be done or said! I love you!




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grammy reese said...

thanks for the sweet post. you have two tired kids. we went to mike's grill after church with linda and jack. they heeled for about a 1/2 hour before leaving so that made them happy also. larry schonert preached. nice job. i always did like to hear him. the girls were good in church. see ya. mom