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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

American Girls


Well..the day is almost here! There are 4 very excited little girls (and two excited mommies) headed to the Windy City tommorrow to visit The American Girl Store. Paige and Peyton got their dolls in February, and have been anxiously awaiting our long planned for trip. I decided when I visited the store 4 years ago (on a trip with just grown up girls) that my two were too young to appreciate the dolls, so we would wait until they were older, then we would plan a big trip to Chicago to get the dolls. I am making this trip a year ahead of schedule (life doesn't always work out the way you plan, you know ;) and the girls already got the dolls of their choice in February. It was decided that TAKING your doll was a better thing than getting one while you were there, so here are the dolls, ready for their trip tommorrow. Paige's doll is Nellie, and Peyton's doll is Mia. But pictured between them is the newest girl in our house, Julie. Julie is the 1974 doll that I fell in love with when the girls were picking out their dolls. Of course, I knew that I wouldn't buy her, but I secretly wanted her. (I know that my friends are scratching their heads in amazement, because I am FAR from a doll person, but I guess raising little girls has rubbed off on me!) Anyway, I had forgotten how much she appealed to me, until today. Today James announced that he wanted to give me an early wedding present. Not one to say no to presents, I pulled the paper off, and with one peek at the end of the box, I knew that it was Julie. I was SO excited, it was one of the sweetest presents that I could have imagined it, and I didn't have a clue it was coming! Stay tuned for more pictures of our trip to Chicago. Brittany and I and the 4 girls are leaving bright and early. Please pray for us for safety, good weather, a fun trip, and for Nathan to be healthy while his mommy is away (he has been sick today).
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Anonymous said...

Well, I hope you have the bestest time ever, and that you are not freezing up there in the Windy City. Myself, I'm watching Elegance, Sandy and the twins sweet little doggie. We have been back and forth from Gee Gee's house. Elegance thinks it is a wee bit quiet at my house, as even Poppa is up to Sandy's mowing today. But, soon A. Jamie and Poppa will both be home and the place will liven up a little. Have tons of fun, and we have been praying for your safety. See you soon. Love Grammy