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Friday, March 30, 2007

Here comes the tooth fairy

Paige has been working with her first loose tooth for many weeks now. Finally, today, it came out! She noticed that it was almost out while we were doing school this afternoon. I took ahold of it with a paper towel for traction and gave it one good tug, and out it came! We called around to inform family of this new first (and Paige's first thing to do before Peyton). We then headed out to eat at Garfield's with Grammy and Poppa. We saw the Easter Bunny, and then watched TMNT (don't wait too long for a review;) Paige said it was one of the best days of her life! I AM so glad to have been a part of it! I love you guys!
Mommy, Paige (with the missing tooth), Peyton
Peyton tells us to "hang loose" while Paige shows us her new "gap" and holds up her tooth
look at that new smile!
there's her 1st baby tooth out, in her hand
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megan said...

congrats paige on loosing your first tooth! you look so cute with your tooth missing.

grammy reese said...

we have had so much fun this past week with you and the girls. all we needed last night was a. jamie to make our evening out complete. poor thing had to work overtime. this tooth thing is a big big deal!!!!! and you girls did a real sweet job of watching cousin Mia Kate. she sure is cute. we're going to bake Easter cookies this afternoon. fun,ah? love grammy

aunt brittany said...

Yay for Paige-a-rooskie! She looks so cute! Your babies are growing up! Wahaha!!! Yay for her doing something first for once!