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Monday, September 14, 2009

Lots and Lots going on around Baltic Drive!

My living room has no flooring right now.  I have posted a few pictures of the girls pulling up staples in the floor.  James has prepared the floor, which my dad went to pick up and delivered today.  The new flooring goes in staring tomorrow.  I am very excited about that!  September 09 006

September 09 007

Oh, we also have a “houseguest.”  Probably the quietest one we ever had…..this is Hunter.

September 09 009

I am not very excited about one thing tomorrow..that is my 3 hour glucose tolerance test.  After 8:30 tonight, I am only allowed sips of water until my first blood draw at 8:30 am.  Then NOTHING until 3 hours and 3 blood draws later.  I get VERY nauseated when I go without eating, so pray for me.  I am taking my laptop, they tell me that I can get on wifi at the office. But good news..I am now THIRTY WEEKS pregnant.  I feel every single week (and all 21 pounds), but I am grateful to have completed this much time.  Peyton took a picture of me today.  Here it is.

September 09 012

September 09 014

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Anonymous said...

The girls have been a big help with the remodel. I'm excited about the new floor. And the baby's room. And spending the day with you tomorrow after my BSF. Dad and I will pray for you to get thru the glucose tolerance test without being sick. Love Mom