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Saturday, April 07, 2007

The New Heely's and the Egg Hunt

For some reason, the previous post wouldn't let me leave captions. These pictures are taken at the church gym (and the back of mom's car). Andrew and Steven were kind enough to help Paige and Peyton learn how to use their new Heely's. There is still much practice to be done, but they are improving! Thanks also to Anna, Lydia and the Benzings for cheering the girls on and helping. You may be able to load a short video from the Picaso web album linked below!


Aunt Katy said...

Sandy.. I now feel older than the 'wheel' because I do not know what a Heely is. What exactly is a Heely? I was trying to figure it out by the pictures, but not sure if it is the outfit or the shoes? And why do you have to practice wearing a heely? I need to know so that when it warms up and you and Brit bring the kids to the farm I can ask them how they like their new Heelys. I hope Easter was a good day for you all. We had Easter sunrise service at 6am and I was so proud of my kids because Hope and Jonathon brought Savannah and Jacob even made it. ( he was a little late but he made it ) Of course Luke went .. we took up an entire pew just like we do at regular Sunday service. Uncle Harlan and Ginger even came. I love the sunrise service at our church and look forward to it every year. Thinking of you all today, Katy

Sandy said...

Aunt Katy, heely's are tennis shoes that have a wheel in the heel. kinda like skates, only they can walk on their toes without rolling. They are alot of fun once the kids get used to them! They are staying all night up by you with Lauren ande Brookelyn, so if it gets too noisy to the north, you know who to call!