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Saturday, April 14, 2007

A break between sick days..

Since Peyton and I were both sick on Thursday, and we were up in the night with complaints of an earache, I am grateful that all was well yesterday! Yesterday was a truly great day with the kids. It was a day that I could honestly look several years into the future to imagine what our relationships might look like. Paige had an art class, which Peyton "kinda" wants to do, but not really. So Peyton and I headed to Royal Donut, and got a drink and a snack. In the car, just previously, Paige had been crying. A song she heard made her sad. Peyton likes the song, but I promised Paige I wouldn't play it again with her around. It was a rare secular song that I felt like hearing, so I downloaded it, along with the Twila Paris stuff I was thinking about, and put it on a CD for the car. The song actually reminded me of good times in the past, but the words of this old Dixie Chicks song didn't set well with Paige, and they upset her. So after I apologized for hurting her (wow, music is powerful at all ages!), she went in and started her art class.

So anyway, Peyton and I sat in Royal Donut and talked like friends. We read from the Bible the story of Hannah's answer to prayer in having Samuel, and what an impact that child had on the world. We discussed prayers, and how God answers them. It was a neat time to spend one on one with Peyton. I was able to discover some specific things that were troubling her, and discuss some possible solutions. We were certainly not going to be able to completely solve her problem, but it was possible to trust God for some relief.

Peyton called Brad and asked him to come by the Blue Kangaroo, which was where art lessons were. So he did, and the kids were thrilled to see him. They love time with HIM. From there, we headed to see "Firehouse Dog." This was a great family movie, and I enjoyed it. And finally, last night, we went to the Civic Center to see the Lippinzer Stallions. Not exactly my idea of a Friday night out, but it was a bit of "culture."

Hopefully, the earache will be short lived, but the memories of a great day spent together will be long lasting!


grammy reese said...

sure glad the day was good for you and that a. jamie got to be part of it. we're going to paint at grammy's house tonight. and the twins have new do-rags from a. jame to dress up in. get ready weekend, here we come.

Steph said...

SO you and Peyton were sick Thursday. Poor you - when I talked to you that afternoon it was just you. I feel for whoever has the earache - I've got one myself.
So glad you had a good day yesterday.

aunt brittany said...

I think it's so healthy to sometimes have a one-on-one time w/ each kid. I try to do that, but don't do it often enough sometimes. I'm glad you were able to enjoy it.

We've been sick here, as you know and it STINKS!!! AND, Nate the Great has ANOTHER stinkin' molar popping through! We went from 4 teeth total for 6 mo to 5 new ones in 6 weeks! Good gravy, that's rediculous!

Gretchen said...

San, what I love about your girls is how perceptive they are. Sometimes you CANNOT see it on their faces at ALL, and you think they're tuned out, but they are some really deep thinkers. I just love them.

I miss you guys! Tell the girlies I said hi!

Love, Gret