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Monday, July 06, 2009

Halfway there

July 09 003


Halfway there!  This morning, Paige did not surprise me when she said “Happy Twenty weeks!”  We went to the Dr appt and were given the news after the sonographer  patiently worked with an uncooperative baby (the big sisters were NOT so patient).  Finally she announced that she didn’t see any boy parts, and that she was pretty sure that she saw girl girl it is!  My doctor later confirmed this opinion. 

Now back to the business of how we are keeping this unborn daughter on the inside longer!  I am no longer strictly on bedrest..which is a HUGE blessing.  I am able to do light activity now.  I will say that after a big day of going to the doctor and out to eat, that I was pretty crampy and uncomfortable for over an hour this evening.  This feeling went away with rest, but it reminded me to remember my limitations.  My doctor is great!  She is very optimistic, and realistic about what will work best to prolong this pregnancy as long as is necessary. 

stats today:  heart rate:152

approx length:  9 inches

approx weight:  14 ounces

mommy weights..well that is my secret, but I have only gained 5 pounds!  (I know the picture at the top doesn’t look that way!)

Thank  you all for praying for JJ (still no name..we are working on it) and please continue to pray for us!

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Fran R. said...

Yeah for another girl baby to love on. Pat and I will have lots of fun dressing this little gal. Maybe we can even find some twin size outfits to match the new little one's. I am happy you are at home. We will obey what the Bible teaches and continually be in prayer for you and Baby Girl Snyder. Love Mother