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Thursday, July 02, 2009

19.5 weeks is not my best time…

summer 09 034

summer 09 035

I am posting pictures of myself at 18 weeks pregnant.  My short term goal is to make it until 2o weeks to post another picture..believe me, I have grown!  That picture is due to be taken this coming Monday.  Every Monday, Paige will say “Happy 19 weeks!” or whatever week we are on.  I always smile because she always says it!  My little cheerleader knows how important this is, and how special baby JJ is to all of us.  Please pray for me for peace, rest, and that my nerves will be calmed.  God is soo good, and I have not forgotten all He has done for me.  I am very blessed to be able to sit in the hospital bed with my laptop and stay intune with the outside world.  So check back often for my random ramblings.  The nurse just gave me an ambien, this sleeping pill is the bomb!  I am not even sure what I am typing!  This is the deal.  I was having some concerning symptoms this week, so I was asked to come into my ob’s office this afternoon.  They did a special ultrasound that measures the length of the cervix.  Mine had dropped from 3.7 to 2.7 and also showed some funneling. So the midwife sent to to the hospital for monitoring and bedrest for the weekend, until my regular doctor is back and can examine me to decide how aggressive the bedrest needs to be.  So please pray for my nerves, pray that my baby stays put for at least another 14 weeks.  It is going to be a rough time for our family, but it is such a loving and willing family, and God is in control..he still cares so much for us.  Thanks Grammy and aunt Brittany for taking care of the twins.  Thanks James for taking care of me.  Also thank you to Charity, Stephanie and Amanda who came to visit, brought important items from home and gave me an hour or so of distraction when I needed it the most!


Brittany said...

You're welcome. I'm a call away and you know it. Love you, girl! (and that baby JJ!!!!)

Fran R said...

We have many praying, from Canada to the Bahamas, and possibly India. Will be bringing the twins over soon. They want to see their MOTHER!!!!!