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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

ankle bracelets and toenail polish

A few weeks ago, someone gave the an idea that the girls could make me a bracelet or something to take on my trip. James and leave in less than 4 hours for the airport for our flight to Jamaica. We decided that a destination wedding that was just for the two of us was for the best. We are kinda eloping..which is cool, but everyone knows about it! Anyway, we have been very busy getting ready to leave, and making some changes involving putting two full lives and households together. Paige and Peyton have been great with the whole thing, but I bought all the stuff to make some "beachy" ankle bracelets that we could make. This got put off until just hours ago. Thankfully, Brittany, Lauran and Brookelyn were on hand to help out (I didnt do much at all, really). Thanks Brittany!! Anyway, all 4 girls and I got new anklets to wear out of it. The girls and I plan to wear ours while we are away, so that we can be reminded of how important they are to me, and to the new life we are starting! Mommy is going to miss you guys! Thanks for hanging in there with me through some rough times.


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Brittany said...

I think they look pretty good, too! They each added their own things to make them unique to each girl. Two purple beads on their mommy's to remind her of each girl. One hole (!) in Aunt Brittany's thumb (which I'm SURE went into the muscle! ugh!) to remind me of the ordeal. Glad I could help and entertain some VERY rowdy girls while you packed. It was fun!

You were up L-A-T-E!!!

Have a safe trip!

Anonymous said...

the ankle bracelets went through the pool unscathed. Good job, A. Brit. I like the idea of the two purple beads. Like she needs a reminder, haha. Enjoyed your girls this morning. The four of them get along well. They sang the summer program songs up and back. Gram

Julie said...

This reminded me of once in the church nursery we were talking about our toes being polished and Peyton called it ponailish. Soo cute!