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Monday, December 03, 2007

the true meaning of Christmas, Charlie Brown..

This time of year there are many holiday specials on TV. Tonight, I was blessed to spend the evening at home with Peyton and Paige and watch some shows. There are tons of fun shows each year, as well as a bunch of commercials that advertise the perfect gifts to buy for others. Some of the shows try to emphasize family and peace, some of them just talk about presents and Santa Claus. Charlie Brown's Christmas is a wonderful breath of fresh air. This holiday special was made in
1965, and it is still well loved today. I was struck by how Charlie Brown was depressed about the season, and he didn't quite know why. Even in 1965, it was recognized that way too much emphasis is being placed on giving and receiving gifts. Now, don't get me wrong, I love finding the perfect present and getting to watch the people that I love open them. I love it when my house is decorated, and I can sit next to my tree as it lights up the room. I have watched two Christmas specials this year, and they are very different. The first was "Spongebob's Christmas." Now, the kids enjoyed it, and it was good for a laugh, but no talk of what Christmas is truly about. We just finished watching Charlie Brown's Christmas, and I was blessed by how it openly told the true Christmas story. Charlie Brown had been chosen to direct the Christmas play, and Linus recited the story of the birth of Jesus as it is written in the Bible. He finished with.."and that is the true meaning of Christmas, Charlie Brown." I was glad that my kids were able to see this beautiful classic Christmas tale, and that I watched it with them.


Stephanie said...

Did Snoopy and Woodstock watch the shows? Grandad and Nana came over watched it with them two Christmas seasons ago (With Snoopy and Woodstock). I love that special. We watched it last week when it was on.
Charlie and Snoopy are my dad's favorites so I grew up watching those specials with him and now it is fun to watch with my kids.

Anonymous said...

I should have watched that. Instead I watched How do I look? on Style TV. Boring...... Glad you had a good eve with the girls. They are so growing up and know so much. We have a lot of fun when they are here. Your home is beautifully decorated. Glad you found your Nativity. It is sitting where it always has. Have a good day. See you at 2pm. love gram