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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Happy 90th Birthday Gee Gee..

My grandmother turned 90 years old today. My mother advertised a card shower for her for the birthday this year, as of today, she had received 92 cards. I was so pleased to see the outpouring of love and affection for my grandma. In my nursing job, I see so many elderly that have outlived their loved ones or are poorly cared for, and it is a blessing to see her so loved and well cared for. Here are a few pictures from our family dinner. There was a surprise visit from the Career class Bible Study from the church to add some caroling music to the night!


Brittany said...

Happy Birthday, Gee Gee!

Nathan was watching the slide show with me. He was yelling out all the names he knew. He saw Peytuh, Paige-uh, Ella and Nana, Graw-Gaw, and Annie (Sandy!)!!!

I'm glad to read her card shower went so well.

Sandy said...

such fun to hear Nathan talk! Even my dad was talking about how cute and funny he is at the party tonight. I have a cute picture of him in Carlos's Medix hat, maybe a future occupation???

Steph said...

Why can't I get your cell phone number to work?
Happy bday GG!

Sandy said...

um..not sure..I will call you tommorrrow.

Anonymous said...

Great party and whole day for GeeGee. Thanks girls for participating in her day. Love gram