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Friday, September 01, 2006

Happy retirement, Mom

My mother has been a nurse for 40 years this year. She took a few years off when I was small, but she has worked for the same hospital since Sept 5, 1978. The hospital has changed names several times since then, and mom has worked different shifts in different areas. For over seven years now, she has been serving in the Cancer Center and she has loved it. Of course, I take some credit for this because I pushed her into applying for that job. Mom's health hasn't been the best in the past few years, so she has decided to stop being paid to be a nurse. Lucky for me, she will still be doing so for free for those of us around her. I have been a nurse for 9 years now, and I can only hope to obtain the level of respect and genuine affection she has obtained over the past 28 years. Everywhere I go in that place and beyond in the community, I am told by others who have either worked with her or been cared for by her what an exceptional woman my mother is. Of course, I wholeheartedly agree. I know she will miss her coworkers, her patients and their families. I also know that while God has used her as a witness to many of these people who are living with Cancer, God will continue to use her no matter where she is. I am personally looking forward to an expanded"mother and grandmother" role! Seriously Mom, I love you so much. I know you have been saying it to me lately, but I need to say it to you, I am so proud of you.

My mom (Fran) and her boss and dear friend, Dr. Labayog
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Brittany said...

I love your mom, too! She is an awesome nurse and an exceptional woman of God. I consider it an honor to know her and call her my friend!

Charity said...

Love you, Momma Fran! Great job!

Enjoy a rest that is well deserved!

GRAMMY said...

this is my third try at sending you a message. at 61 i am still computer stupid. your sweet words have made my day. thanks to one of my two beautiful daughters. oh and say hello to brad, peyton and paige. love grammy

Steph said...

Three Cheers for Aunt Frannie! We love you so much and hope that you are able to enjoy some quality down time...good luck with Uncle Micky! Your hands are going to be full with him! Tee hee