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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

A future in hair dressing...or not??

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My daughter Paige is quite good with scissors. I bought both girls safety scissors a few years ago, and Paige needed very little instructions. She is very good at staying along the lines and cutting carefully. This is a far cry from her mother at her age. I stick to my "left handed" excuse, which somehow excuses my bad handwriting, too. Peyton's cutting isn't quite as good, I think it is lack of patients, but she is getting there. Especially now that she has to cut things for her sister. This is because Paige is grounded from any kind of scissors right now. There is a very good reason for this mean mom decision. Paige cut her own hair for the second time this week. The first time wasn't too bad, but we made sure she knew how unacceptable it was. This time, she climbed up on my sink and used actual hair scissors to create a lovely bald spot right in front. I discovered the evidence before I saw the finished product. I didn't call for the girls to come and see me, I just said "Paaaaiiige!!" I actually had to leave the house and go for a drive after seeing it. Paige was mortified, and very embarrassed, which might be the best possible punishment. So yesterday, I went "headband shopping." So in all pictures for the next year or so, people will think that I am having flashbacks to Olivia Newton John's "physical" video! Anyway, I think the bald spot, is sort of hid by the band, but maybe I am just trying to make myself feel better. The view from Baltic Drive today is the top of Paige's head, literally. Sandy

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charity said...

I love it so much that this happened...if you get all the girls then you should at least get some girl troubles!

I'll tell her sometime about how I "high-lighted" my own hair and that should cure her of the self-dos!

She's a cutie-no matter what!