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Friday, October 09, 2009

It is definitely autumn..pumpkin time!

Lauren and Brookelyn are staying over we decided it would be fun to decorate a the big on that I carry around every day!  Apparently I have no shame, because I have included some pictures, as well as a link to the progression of pictures as they were taken..I am off to shower very soon!


October 09 027

October 09 028

October 09 031


Jamie said...

Holy Crap! Nice San. Are you sure there's only one baby???

Sandy said...

Jamie, that is SOOO not funny!

Brittany said...

LOL at you two!

The pictures turned out very cute. I can tell Pey's in the middle of one of her happy "seizures" in one of them which is just adorable. JJ is so loved by those 4. She has no idea what's waiting for her!

What a fun aunt you are!

Sandy said...

thanks Britt, but I think I was the "mean" aunt and Mommy a few times this evening...had to kinda "quiet" things down a time or two! But it was lots of fun!

Fran R. said...

Incredible. Glad you were able to find the orange paint. I'm sure the girls had a fun time, painting your JJ belly. Going to our friends today to hold the little one made me oh, so ready to hold my baby granddaughter. But......I will wait until the time is perfect.

Charity said...

Love it...I need to see you so I can keep talking to her!