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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Spitz Nevus..and other big words!

Before the surgery in preop holding.

Paige and Jamie after the surgery, it only too about 15 minutes for the whole thing to be over! She was a little "freaked" when she woke up. She kept crying and saying "I am so confused" and "I don't know what happened." Poor baby, didn't like falling asleep to anesthesia.

We didn't stay at the hospital very long, so Paige was still VERY unsteady when we headed home! She came down to the car in the cute little wheelchair. She woke up soon after we got home and ate THREE cups of soup!

This all happened last for the latest on the mole. We were totally expecting this to be a common, congenital mole. This type is harmless, but needs to come off prior to adolescence, because it can become cancerous later. However, it the pathology report on the mole wasn't quite so simple. I have pasted an email that I sent out yesterday here:
Dr Savage called today to give me the pathology report on Paige’s mole. He spoke to the pathologist in Danville, as well as one in Champaign, who both agree that the mole is “probably” benign. The pathologist feel that the mole is most likely an “atypical melanocytic proliferation.” The problem with this diagnosis, is that it greatly resembles a melanoma, even though it is not even considered precancerous. Due to this difficulty to distinguish, the pathologist is sending the mole to a lab in New York for another opinion. We won’t hear their conclusions for several weeks. Dr. Savage spoke to both pathologists directly, and asked several questions, leading me to believe that he didn’t see this kind of thing too often, but I am not certain of that, I didn’t think to ask. I have googled these words for any information, and I did find some sites that were helpful in understanding the problem, but not particularly encouraging that we will get an absolute negative path report.

Words I googled:

Spitzoid nevus

Atypical melanocytic proliferation

The site that was most helpful:

I will pray that we will be able to get a definite 100% benign report from New York.


Fran R. said...

Pictures of our Paige are so cute. She was a brave young lady. I will just pray that this SPITZ thing vanishes from our vocabulary. I have a verse (Steph suggested I get one....good idea) Its in Psalm 31:0-14, key verse is 14. Love Mom

Charity said...

I had no idea this was even going on...I'll be praying.

Micki Lyons said...

Praying for results to be good and speedy!

Steph said...

I'm praying! Call me if you need me.

Brittany said...

Steph said, "Call me if you need me." LOL!!!! What? You'll come over and change a bandage?!? LOL!

Seriously, she's such a trooper, that Paiger. She was proud of her little scar on her belly. We're praying it's normal and nothing big too. We love that kid!