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Monday, December 15, 2008

The "Best" Christmas Pageant EVER!

I have the recommend this book that is located on my bookshelf (at home, and on the blog..see the list to the left). I have been reading a chapter a night to the kids, and on Thursday night we were down to two chapters. The kids were going to stay over at my parents house on Thursday night, and then be gone with their dad all weekend, so I took the book with me to my parents' house on Thursday. It was my grandma's birthday, so we were having dinner. Late in the evening, my mom, sister, grandma and the girls and I were sitting in the kitchen and I offered to read the end of the book. My sister became positively giddy at the idea, stating that she loved that book. Amazingly my mother had never heard of it. I clearly remember one of my grade school teachers reading it out loud when I was a kid. So I read the last two chapter out loud. Now, I read aloud to the kids alot, but rarely to a group like that, so it was kinda strange, and I kept cracking up, because the book is hilarious, while I was reading. I had forgotten how touching the last chapter was, and how the chld that was narrating the book learned so much about the true meaning of Christmas. I would recommend picking up this book and reading it aloud to your family!


Jamie said...

I am not ashamed to admit that it's one of my favorite all time books. It is the best pageant ever!! Gladys and Imogene are great.

Fran R. said...

I enjoyed the reading. Thought it was sweet for you to read to all of us. The book was very funny, and I thought it was new!!! We really had a good time at Gee Gee's birthday.

Charity said...

We just finished this book also and are starting Dickens' "The Christmas Carol".