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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Family devotions...

Tom Harmon, a Pastor that travels to different churches to speak, is at our church this week. I have been hearing Tom every couple of years since I was in high school, and always look forward to his return to our church. This week, he is speaking on the family. This convicted me that I needed to devote more time to my girls in family devotions. Pastor Tom's amazing knowledge and memorization of the scriptures also encourages me to continue working with memorization with the girls...and maybe start doing some memorizing myself.
I did a google search for a new way to do devotions with the girls in the mornings before starting school. I am afraid that outside of the weekly verse they write and memorize, and their Christian homeschool curriculum, I have become way too lax about family devotions. So I brought the laptop to the table during breakfast and quickly found this a site that had a great daily devotion for kids, along with a great link to the Bible reading. While I prefer a notebook and a "real" Bible for the majority of my own Bible study, I also appreciate these internet sites that offer so much material at your finger tips. Click here for the site that I found.

Keys For Kids Daily Bible Study

No More Weights
Bible Reading: Matthew 11:28-30

"Molly!" Mom's voice was stern. "I told you it's time to eat!"

Molly hurried to the table. She had noticed that her mother wasn't as patient as she used to be before Dad left. And Mom always looked tired and sad. "I'm sorry," apologized Molly as she took her seat. "I'm not very hungry," she added. Her voice trembled as she hurried on. "I'm worried about how we'll live until you find a job . . . and about doing better in school so you'll be happier. I've been trying to clean up after myself so you won't have to yell." Tears slipped down Molly's cheeks. "I worry that Daddy won't come back after the separation."

"I worry, too," Mom admitted. She got up to give Molly a big hug.

"Anybody home?" interrupted a loud, cheerful voice from the kitchen door.

"Uncle John!" exclaimed Molly. She jumped up to greet her favorite uncle-then pointed to his wrists and ankles. "Why are you wearing those things?"

"You mean my weights?" asked Uncle John, holding up his arm for her to see better. "I'm getting in shape for the marathon, so I wear these when I run. It helps me build strength," he explained. "But you can be sure I won't wear them for the race!"

After a short visit, Uncle John left to continue his workout. "Chins up!" he called on his way out.

"I can't imagine weighing myself down like that," Molly told her mother after Uncle John had left. "Running is hard enough without those weights."

"Yes," agreed Mom, "but like Uncle John said, it does help him grow stronger." After a moment, she added, "I think you and I are wearing weights, too-not just in practice, but in the race itself."

"Not me!" protested Molly, lifting her wrists and a leg. "See . . . no weights!" She frowned. "But you don't really mean weights on our arms and legs, do you?"

"No," said Mom. "Our 'weights' are on the inside. I'm thinking of weights like a mind full of worries."

Molly sighed. "Too bad we can't take those off like Uncle John can," she said.

"Ours can come off, too," Mom assured her. She spoke with new hope. "God tells us to give our cares to Him, so I'm wondering why I've waited so long to do that. Let's pray right now and really trust God to take charge of our situation. If we let Him, He'll carry the weights for us."


Casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you. 1 Peter 5:7

How About You?
What do you worry about? Are there family problems, school problems, or money problems that make your spirit heavy? Does it seem like there's no solution for the problems you face? You need God's help. Go to Him whenever you feel burdened by something that's happening in your life. God cares. Ask Him to carry your burdens-big or small-and depend on Him for strength each day.

Key Thought of the Day: Give your problems to God


Jeremy Teran said...

thanks for sharing that Sandy. I'm going to check out the site for my kids, too.

J.A. Ingold said...

I'll certainly pray that the Lord will bless your efforts to teach your girls well.

If you want to compare other devotional sources, I've heard good things about Kids 4 Truth. Their devotionals are free here:

Brittany said...

Wow, San. I really liked that! Good for you to find a new source for the girls' devotions. I saved it to look at it later for my girls. I usually read them my verses for the day.

God's allowed Tom's words to be so convicting, hasn't He? Wow. It took all of 10 minutes into the first sermon before I had tears and needed to make some things right. It's a little painful to the pride, but oh so worth it for Christ's glory!

Sandy said...

thanks John, I will check it out.

Brittany said...

Lauren wants to know if you're serious? She'd LOVE to do their cake.

Anonymous said...

Great post and what a blessing to be assured that the girls are in the Word every day with their mother. Good job!! Love, Grammy