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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Blue Crew



Nana and Amie had their hair sprayed blue today at Bismarck Grade school where they both work. This was in response to a fund raiser, where Marie (Nana) stated she would dye her hair blue if they raised over $500. From what I was told, they ended up with over $2000 dollars! Books were purchased at the Grade School's book fair to be donated for children to have books when they are in the hospital. Brittany and I headed up to the assembly this morning at the Grade school and took Lauren, Brooke, Peyton and Paige so they could see their Aunt Amie and their Nana with blue hair. I will be adding a video that shows Marie getting her hair dyed right in front of the whole grade school assembly, make sure you check it out!


momma of 3 said...

Go Blue!!! It was so awesome! What a very cool thing to do. The kids had a blast!


Steph said...

Very funny. I'm sure the girls enjoyed that alot!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for coming and sharing this blue-hair moment with me (and 320 screaming kids)!

The actual amount raised was $1220. We used the money to buy books for two local organizations (we got too many for the hospital so we shared with someone else, too) and then the book fair company actually donates a BOOK for every dollar we raised to one of three national charities.

We were proud of our school for doing so well on this project the very first time we did it.

Thanks for coming and sharing the fun with me. I hope the girlies liked their Nana's blue hair. :-D I sure liked having them there!
Love, Marie

Branch said...

Great Site, awesome. My wife and I have really enjoyed viewing other families! WE are new to blogging so we have a lot of work to do on ours! Your an inspiration! God Bless