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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Meet Coal..

Meet Coal....We brought a scared puppy home last night. Today, he is jumping and playing in his new yard. We were trying to decide on a name on the way home from getting him, when we crossed "Coal Creek." I said "Coal" to Brad, figuring he wouldn't like it. But he smiled and said that he liked the name. He is an adorable black lab, a big guy for 8 weeks old. It was a smile I haven't seen on Brad's face for quite a while.

We had been talking about getting a new dog since right after we lost Scottie in January. I sat down in the row in Sunday school day before yesterday, and a couple in the class was showing a flyer on their pups to the couple next to me. I quickly asked for the flyer and took it to Brad after Sunday school. He was very interested and called them that night. So last night, we went over to get Coal. This is a good reminder that God is faithful to us in even small areas, like a new pet. The kids are very excited about him, and I they are already working on bonding with the pup, kinda "early" this morning! (Yawn for mommy.)

I think I like my new home!

so tired! He doesn't even care as Grammy holds up his paw for a picture!

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Charity said...!

I hate your dog! It's ugly and it looks mean and it's not happy at all!